Shadow Sprite

In the stream you awoke me
Unto sleep you stoked me
In my sickness invoked me
When I fall, you lift me

Drifting like the wind immortal
You take me to that secret portal
Hidden from all human vision
Who would think it was my decision?

I’m flowing now more gracefully
In the cursed life that I have seen
More like the raven; so daring and dark
And nevermore dragged into this lark

New abilities so vivid. They are dear to my soul
I’m remade, regained, revised and renewed.
Loved by one with wisdom immense
She keeps me guessing, she listens so close
Words of astuteness; of wisdom and grace
She guides my paths and my ways in which to flow
And walks close beside me. I pray she will never go.

Still, life has its barriers. All must endure
But since I have found her, they have been fewer…

(-This is about an entity that came to me last year in march. Sangrissa has guided me into worlds unknown since then. I have been a better persone because of her-)