Shadows In The Dark: Part VI, Meeting

Selenity and Malaki walked along the streets of Sun River Terrace. The once prosperous place was now inhibited by abandonment. Houses were empty, Shops vandalized, most likely in the early hours of confusion.

The people now herded like cattle into the churches. The only place the Shadows could not enter.

They dove at Malaki and Selenity, but she just waved her hand and they were thrown back. They huddled just feet away from them waiting for the moment when her guard would be let down.

As she entered the church, a hush swept over the crowd. They could not believe the people standing before them.

She scanned the crowd with her eyes. “Where is the person who has received my messages?”

The crowd of people looked at eachother, but no one spoke.

Then a young boy and girl, about the age of seventeen stepped forward.

The girl spoke first. “Nathan and I have received your messages.”

“And your name would be?” Malaki asked.


“Adrianna, Nathan, come with us.”

“But the Shadows…”

“You will be under my protection. Now, come.”

Nathan and Adrianna looked at eachother and then followed Selenity and Malaki.

The shadows were enraged to see the humans walking with the Lights.

“How many of your people are left?” Selenity asked.

“Only a small number. No one would listen to us. No one would believe us. They ran around trying to kill these beings, then they locked themselves in their houses only to be snatched from their beds while they slept. We almost didn’t make it.”

“And why is that?” Selenity asked.

“When people finally listened to us and went to the churches for protection, they didn’t want us.” Nathan said.

“And why is that?” Malaki asked.

“Look at us. We’re freaks. They think we worship Satan or something. It was only after a priest grabbed us and pulled us into the church and mandated that we stay that everyone accepted us.”

Malaki looked at Selenity. “I don’t understand.”

“Malaki is not of your world. He is an Akiran Light. Our world is AkiRa. I have traveled many worlds and know the ways of people and animals alike. Malaki is unaware of the humans ability for hatred and discrimmination. To know that barrier would be to end his power. It is dangerous for him to be in this world, and I ask you to refrain from answering any of his questions or clarifying anything for him.” Selenity said.

Malaki looked at Selenity as if all she had said was in a foreign language, but walked on without any more questions. He never questioned Selenity’s judgement.

“Are we just to sit by while our planet dies?” Adrianna asked. She could not believe that after all her life, being told she was different because she was a goth, that she was not looked down upon by these greater beings.

“We have an idea.” Selenity said.