Shadows of the Dark

I’m not sure the last time I posted this story because I haven’t posted in a while. So, I think I will just post the whole thing. So, here it is…

Shadows of the Dark

As my life passed me by, I have always felt the need to love. Its ups and downs took me by surprise as I see others love and loose. Never once have I discovered it as a human being. Although I’ve still got a soul, I have the gift of immortality given to me by clan Brujah. I have never loved. Brujah’s don’t love often or so I’m told.
Brujah’s best killed my father when I was little and I was a mere pet to her ever since. She changed me because of her reputation and because I was about to die. She was reluctant to change me. At the time, she thought I was going to be weak.
The night of my 19th birthday, she ripped me apart, literally. She got medical attention for me. When there was no hope she changed me. I was left alone for hours in a dark room. I longed for the taste of blood, the sweet, tender taste of blood. My whole entire body ached without it. I couldn’t think straight, couldn’t even see straight. My vision had gone red and I began to throw up all over myself. My muscles were weak and I couldn’t do anything right.

A side kick straight to my rib cracked a couple of them. I stumbled waiting while my body repaired its self quickly. She lashed out with another side kick; I caught it and twisted it. It should be broken. She fell with annoyance and rose again with pain. I was ready for anything this little twit could give me. She retaliated for a couple of seconds.
“You ready to give up your first fight with a vamp? A very strong one.” I said
“Never shall I lose a fight again, what do you want from me?” This wasn’t in her instructions, giving up. Raven was taught never to give up a fight without fight till death or dawn, which ever comes first.
“Your blood,” I couldn’t help myself. I haven’t fed since last night.
“Can I have your word you won’t drain me dry?” Raven said thinking that she could get disowned for this.
“Of course not, it’s my nature to kill” I chuckled.
“Here,” she stepped closer to Ather, close enough for him to wrap his arm around her waist and bare the pale skin of her neck.
“Much obliged.” I took her in and indulged myself in her sweet blood.

Raven had risen to the living and nonliving world just now. She had risen to a black cell. She was completely blinded by the dark. She couldn’t see anything of which she desired to. Indulged by the deceiving dark shadows, she moved with unease. Until her eyes adjusted to the unusual shadow of the night, she moved with her hands guiding her. Her fingertips moved against a cold bumpy wall until she found an opening. She proceeded and decided that it was the cell door, bars of course.
“Hello my darling, I see you have risen from your slumber.” The shadows proved right to be surprising.
“Hello Ather, surprised to see you so soon from our last battle.” She said, yawning.
“Yes, well I made sure that it won’t happen again.” He said with a chuckle.
“Right and how did you fix this little problem?” She inquired prepared for the worst.
“Soon enough, my dear, patience is the key.”
“Your right it is.”
“The time will come.”
“Yes, I assume it already has.”
“Not quite yet, didn’t you learn this in training?”
“Learn what?”
“Never face a vampire such as me, alone.” With that he vanished from her sights, likely to feed.

She looked around as her vision came back to her. She noticed the lock was unlocked likely for her to escape but why would he want lose such a valuable prisoner? He was sly and smart but Raven thought she was smarter. She began to get up to all fours. As soon as she did so, she became very ill and threw up all over the stone cold floor. The stench of it filled the air. She began to try again. This time, collapsed in pain overwhelming her muscles. They were weak and she complained of fatigue. What has he done to me? She thought silently to herself as she threw up once again.
She realized she couldn’t get up. Even if she could where could she go? So many questions evolved in her head, she couldn’t get them all straight. They were all a blur, everything was. Her vision was turning red, and her mind fought for control. Sleep took over, as her mind gave in. She turned, collapsed to the cold floor and let the emollient sound of sleep influence her.

Ather was sleeping in a state of tranquility although their kind didn’t dream. His room consisted of black walls, black shades, and a black comforter. He liked to live in the dark although he often took adventures in the sunlight. This one resulted as a new family member. He awoke with a start sensing something was not right. He groped for his robe. As soon as he clutched it, he heard a scream.

“NO! Let me go, I refuse to go with you!” Raven cried out in panic for she is weak
“You will go with me or I will throw you out of Ather’s house.” He mumbled the words while struggling with her.
“Premetheis let her go and I will spare you. What did I tell you about Raven?” He appeared without notice. Upon hearing the scream he blinked down to the kitchen.
“I am so sorry master, again have I forgotten.” He hung his head low with shame.
“She is here as a guest and will be treated as one of our own.” He grabbed Raven by the forearm and yanked her behind him. With such a sudden movement, she became dizzy and light headed. She pulled away as her reactions kicked-in.
“Cranky this lovely morning are we?” he said turning to Raven,
“Yes well what do you expect? I’ve been throwing up all night down in that dungy cell of yours.” She yawned.
”Well what do you want me to say? Tired?” Ather slipped in-between his smirk.
”I am hungry and tired,” she yawned again “How would you know?”
“Don’t forget that I can read your mind and soul with just one blink of an eye, don’t forget what I am. You seem to have let your guard down on me once. Last night while we were talking, I was just standing there watching you in the plain, admiring you as what you are. For you were not human to me then and have not become one in the mornings dawn.” She looked confused and yet dazed at the same time. The only thing he could do was smile and look at his creation as a new experience.
“And what would you say if I say I am human and nothing more?” She took a muffin and bite into it. As soon as she tasted the bread, she spit it out. It tasted like raw meat, horrible it was indeed.
“I would laugh right in your face for you know not I assume.” He took the muffin away and motioned that Premetheis should dispose of it. “As what you are now, you must learn to cope with the strength and need for blood. We shall practice in my living area. I hope you are up to the challenge considering you haven’t fed yet.” He began to think hard, looking through her thoughts, waiting for a reaction.
“What do you mean I haven’t fed yet? I am mortal, not a blood sucker. I need not to feed.” Raven stopped abruptly. She seemed to be thinking all this out. Maybe he had changed me, did he? “What did you do to me? Am I a blood sucker?” She demanded him to answer.

“Ah, I see you have figured this out quite fast Raven, but I still have to teach you how to feed and fight like a vampire.” He continued walking into his living room, he expected her to follow him but she didn’t. He turned around and held out his hand.
“Raven there is nothing left for you back there,” Ather glanced towards the window “Your not one of them any more. Your future lies with me and how you do with in the next week. You know what you are, now accept what you are.” His hand was still there and she slowly laid hers in his. Ather took her to the living area in one blink.

She was gone for far too long and Mother was getting worried. The look on her face had to given it away. Raven had been witch for almost 2 years but the first fight she had resulted her almost drained dry. Raven was the youngest in the Vida line and the stupidest. Thank God Kava found her that night.

“Mother, don’t worry about Raven, I’m sure she’s smart enough to take care of herself. Did she say where she was going?” Kava was washing the left over dishes from dinner. Her mother sat at the kitchen table they enjoyed a meal on recently.
“Yes, she did. She told me that she was going to take care of a vamp that was pissing her off. Do you think it turned upside down and she lost? Oh God I hope not.” Turquoise’s face was filling up with tears. Kava finished drying the last dish and sat next to her mother.
“Don’t worry, I’ll trace her.” Kava was hoping that her mother would accept that. Otherwise, Kava didn’t know what else to say.
“Don’t even bother. I’ve tried and she’s nowhere to be found, not even with a crystal.” Her mother got up and walked away holding her head high. Probably went upstairs to the attic to get Death as a Wish, the most powerful book in the world for vampire hunters. Kava hoped it would help them find Raven.

Kava went to her room. She still had more studying to do. The competition was on Saturday for Raven to become a fully trained vampire hunter and Kava to become a Triste. A Triste is a vampire hunter on a committee that speaks for all vamp hunters. If she won against her rival, Charity, she wouldn’t be able to have children yet immortality was a perk. The weapon being used was a whip for Kava and a hand knife for Raven. Raven was good with her hands. The knife was perfect, given to her 2 years ago when she became a witch. She perfected her skills for 2 years and beat Mom with it many of times. Kava, on the other hand, was horrible with a whip. She knew the basics but she was never able to completely master that skill.

All these thoughts had made Kava very drowsy. Her hand immediately rubbed her eyes as soon as she sat in her bed. Kava knew she should practice but, she needed the sleep. The comfort of her pillows lulled her into a peaceful rest. As she drifted of into her dreams, chanting came from the attic. With her final thought she wished her mother good luck and fell into darkness clouded by the mystery of her little sister.

A stab to his left upper arm with a hand knife was quite deep and might even leave a scar. He realized Raven was better than he thought with a hand knife. This is very good progress considering she’s only been a vampire for 4 days. Raven has tons of strength. Ather can see that she has learned to cope with her fatigue very well. She has advanced well and will most likely be the first vampire to have this kind of strength too soon in the making. Ather can tell that her line will be very strong.

”Well, Raven; are you ready to learn how to feed? I think we have been practicing for more than 10 hours straight. It’s nearly sun set and we can take a little break before we go out if you want. I thought this was going to take much more time than it did. I guess I underestimated your abilities. Care to share what’s on your mind because I know you’ve been concentrating. Although, you didn’t once check on how you feel. You were always thinking about the fight.” Ather put his weapon down and proceeded to the chair where he can sit for a while. He was literally exhausted and couldn’t wait until Raven decided she was hungry.

”Well, Ather, you underestimated me a lot because I can keep on fighting. You seem to have grown weak in your old age. Do you always depend on the other person or are you the leader of the pack? Oh wait a second; you don’t need to answer that for me. I can do it myself.” Raven stood proud as she tucked her hand knife into her black leather knee high boots. She seemed quite confident in what she was doing and knew how she was doing it.
“Raven, you do realize the responsibility you are taking on if you accept who you are now?” Ather said looking her straight in the eye. That would be a challenge proposal if she was an experienced vampire.
”Well, I seem to be doing it better than you right now aren’t I?” Raven blinked somewhere, likely to feed.
Ather traced her mind to see where she could be. He had to keep track on her. She’s a newbie and could be getting into trouble. Ather found her at once and blinked to her side.

He took himself to a sleazy part of New York; in some alley. She was enjoying a meal of a fully grown man who seemed to have some facial disfigurement. Ather read his mind and he was hoping he would die. What a pathetic loser. Ather thought.
Couldn’t you drag anybody else out of the dark, anything but this, Thing? Ather sent to Raven through their mind power, one of the many skills that come with being a Brujah. He was assuming Raven had already mastered this skill.
If you’ll excuse me, I have some unfinished business like draining him dry. She answered him back sarcastically.
You can’t just go around and kill people, you still have much to learn, I’m the teacher and you’re the student. Ather put a hand on the man’s shoulder signaling for her to stop.
Fine, whatever you say teacher. Raven dropped the man reluctantly. Ather assumed she’d be hungry but not hungry enough to drain a human dry. He thought Raven would be hard to break. But obviously, she was the exact opposite. It’s really amazing how one person can go to killing my kind for 2 years, to becoming my kind and killing humans within 4 days. He wondered how she did it.
In case you’re wondering how I’m so strong, I am strong and naturally a vampire but raised a vampire hunter, I’m starting to love it already. Where to teacher? Her mocking voice echoed in Ather’s blank mind. He never thought Raven could be so, cold hearted. She’s truly born a vampire but raised a vampire hunter.
When he looked back to where Raven was standing; she was gone. Ather searched for her and found her at his house. Ather looked back at the victim and blinked out of sight.

The morning bird’s song was quite a start for Kava. She rose from her bed and looked at the clock that read 9:30. Damnit, I over slept again. Kava thought. She hurried to get changed and go down stairs. Kava pulled a t-shirt over her head and tugged a pair of pants on. She raced down the steps to greet her mother in the kitchen.
“Why are you in such a hurry Kava, You’ve got loads of time before work.” Her mother said delightfully while washing the last dish left over from breakfast this morning.
“Well I was hoping that I could go out early and try to find Raven. Did you have any luck last night with the book?” Kava sat down at the table just for a minute before setting out to work.
Turquoise was drying her hands and turned around to look at Kava. Tears were forming in her eyes. Kava already knew the answer.
“Look, Mom, I’m sure she’ll turn up somewhere just give it some time. She has to be on this planet, she can’t just disappear off the face of the world… can she?” Kava was now at her mother’s side offering comfort but Turquoise didn’t accept the offer.
“Yes, that can happen. Her vanishing off the face of the earth, have you forgotten? If she was changed then we wouldn’t be able to track her at all. We could just assume that she’s dead and go on with life. That’s what I’m going to resort to if we don’t find her this week ok, Kava?” Her mother whipped the tears off her delicate face. Turquoise walked out of the kitchen calmly leaving Kava there all alone to ponder about what her mother just said.
Kava gathered her stuff for work and left out the front door to her car. Kava worked for a publishing company. Reeds Publishing Company hired her about 3 years ago. Kava was going there to see if they would publish her book that she was working on for a couple of years. They required seeing her resume. They looked at it closely and offered her a job. Before she got this job, she was a computer operator for a smaller company. At Reeds Publishing Company, she established the computer network and she deals with any problems her co- workers have with the computers. She gets paid fairly well.
Kava was driving down Route 1 on her way to a vampire’s house that she had confrontations with in the past. Even if Raven was there how could Kava lure Raven out of the house even if she was changed? Raven might not even remember Kava. She heard that’s what happens when vampire hunters are changed. At least that’s what her mother told her. The mystic blue Mercedes pulled up at Premetheis’ house. Kava made sure all her knifes were in check and then proceeded out of her sports vehicle.

Raven was sleeping in a room that was exactly like Ather’s. Raven rose with such energy that it was overwhelming and gave her a headache. She stepped out of the bed and stretched. She expected to wake up as she usually wakes up, still sleeping, lethargic, eyes closed, but she didn’t, she awoken with energy beyond her control. Raven wasn’t used to this yet. Although, Raven still rose in the morning and not at night when other vampires do, like Ather. She reached over in the pitch black room and laid her hand on her robe. Raven was surprised by the accuracy of a vampire’s eyesight.
She then proceeded downstairs for no apparent reason. She wasn’t going down there to eat food because she didn’t need to. She wasn’t going down there to get a cup of coffee because she didn’t need it. This was all so strange to her but going downstairs after she awoke was a habit.
Raven was startled to see Ather and Premetheis speaking over a table filled with food. Her eyes widened with the sight of the delicious food. Ather had sensed Raven behind his back before she even said a word he welcomed her into the kitchen.
”Raven, I’m so glad to see that you’re up. Premethis and I were just speaking of you.” Ather seemed as if nothing had ever changed. It irritated Raven, not enough to start something with him. She knew that two vampires fighting were dangerous but starting a fight with a blood relation to you, it just a bad idea.
”Yeah, what’s all this food for? You know that none of us in this room can eat it.” Raven sat down in the only empty chair left.
”It’s not the fact that we can’t eat it, we can. Vampires like you, just don’t need to. There’s a difference.” Ather pulled a plate from the side of the table and offered Raven one. She accepted gracefully.
”So wait, we can eat it but we just don’t have to?” Raven already had some food on her plate.
”Yes, Ather taught me the same thing when I was young.” Premethis said before he took a bite of a bacon omelet. The food look good but Raven was still confused about why she had to eat.
”Why do we have to eat it then? What lesson can this possibly teach?” Raven took a bagel and poured herself some milk.
”You’ll find out sooner or later but now we must eat. I spent my own money on this food, I hope that you eat it and enjoy it.” Ather took the milk and poured himself a cup.

Kava stepped up to the front door and looked around. The house had no door bell and no house number. Boy, she thought, someone really doesn’t want anybody to find this house. Kava peered through in window only to see what looked like a regular home. Chairs, couches, tables, colors, everything that her house has. A little strange for a vampire, Kava thought.
Kava stepped down off the porch and began to walk around the side of the house. It was overwhelmed with shrubs of all kind. No one had trimmed them in years, she estimated. Kava proceeded to the back of the house to find something she could use to get in the house.

Premethis paused in eating his food and looked up. Raven and Ather could tell that he sense something.
”What is it Premethis?” Ather put his fork down and stared intensively at Premethis.
”Something’s not right here. I can feel it.” He put his knife down and began to stand up. Premethis looked around wildly as he searched for the mistake of the tranquility.
”Master, I believe that a vampire hunter has entered our home. She attacked me a couple years back and wounded me. I can feel her presence.”

Kava found a latter of some sort and leaned it against the house. It stopped short of a windowsill. She could find nothing else so this will do. Kava began to climb trying to be careful not to make too much noise. She finally reached the top. The window was open, she wasn’t expecting that. Kava grabbed onto the ledge and pulled herself up just enough to peer into the window. She glanced around and found nothing in her sights. Kava then hoisted herself up and landed gently on her feet.
The carpet was smooth which assisted in the ease her landing. The room consisted of black. How Kava hated black was indescribable. Most vampire hunters were either forced to like black or just naturally liked it. Raven naturally liked it and that made her vulnerable to vampires.
Kava steadied herself and pulled out a hand knife from the holder mounted on her back. She was ready for anything Premetheis would throw at her, literally.

Premetheis then raced through the kitchen into the hall leading up the stairs.
”Premetheis, wouldn’t it be easier just to blink places then to make this entire clamor?” Ather stood beside Raven, making sure she doesn’t move anywhere she’s not supposed to. For example, upstairs to her sister.
”Ather, mind telling me who’s up there? If you’re not going to tell me, I’ll just find out myself and would you want that happening, would you?” Raven was cunning, very tricky. Although she did have a point, Ather didn’t plan on telling her.
Raven would become stronger as she feed and gotten used to the fact that she is a vampire. What would weaken her, would be seeing her sister again living and well, then seeing her dead on the floor. It would undoubtedly scar her. Ather was not willing to risk destroying his new creation forever. He wanted the best for Raven, and her watching her sister being killed was not considered the best.
”Raven, Premetheis and I will handle this. I don’t want you to get involved and end up hurt. Okay, Raven?” Ather looked like he was being honest but Raven still had some doubts on whether he was telling her the truth.
”If you do not desire me hurt, then I will obey your orders but if your not being true,” Raven went closer to Ather, Their noses were about to touch when she continued. “I will remind you that I do not have a problem with killing my own kind, as I always did.” Raven then disappeared. Ather searched for her mind, finding her in Russia. He didn’t ask her why as long as she was far way from Connecticut.

Ather blinked upstairs to Premetheis’ side to find himself on the defensive. A knife dug in to Ather left upper arm, meant for Premetheis. This certain cut would mostly likely scar, he wasn’t worried about that. The blade forged by Kava’s ancestors burned because of the magic within the silver. Ather swore as he realized who it was. Kava Macht, Raven’s sister and daughter of Turquoise, the greatest of all vampire hunters.
”What are you doing here, Kava?” Ather asked after the pain dulled a little.
”I’m looking for my little sister, Raven. Would you might know what happened to her?” Kava was looking straight in the cold eyes of Ather, implying a fight.
”No, I wouldn’t dare hurt Turquoise’s youngest daughter. Too risky indeed.” Blood was still dripping from Ather’s cut. It wasn’t deep enough to be fatal, and for that, Ather was grateful.
”I highly doubt that,” Kava edged her way towards the window, not taking her eyes off Ather; not trusting him. “Then I guess I’ll be leaving now.” Kava knew that what ever she did, they wouldn’t let her get away especially after what she just did.
”I don’t think so,” Premetheis said while moving towards Kava. She was standing right in front of the window. Kava was too frightened to notice that Ather was gone. Premetheis kept moving towards her gaining speed. It seemed a life time until Kava reached the window ledge and prepared to jump. She looked out the window checking if anything was there to land on: nothing.
With her eyes off Premetheis, he took the chance and pushed her out the window. Ather was right below her second before she’d hit the ground. He caught her with ease and laid her down on the ground. The air pressure must have had an impact on her already stressful mind, in which knocked her out completely. This made it easier for Premetheis and Ather to move her.
Kava would arise the next morning in a dark cell. Ather knew any witch would want to wake up and be able to see the sun or the stars; he put her in a cell with no windows and barley breathable air. Raven would never know who was down here.

Raven, where are you? Ather had wanted her home. Please come home now, it’s safe. Ather realized how much he had missed her. Raven’s presence was always a pleasure whether fighting or engaging in simple conversation.
Ather, I need it not to be safe. I can very well defend myself. I will be there in a moment, I’m busy. Raven was not in Russia anymore, Ather sensed her mind. It took some time because Raven had learned to shield her mind. Although, a fledging cannot shield their mind from their blood mother or father.
He found her in a simple town of Switzerland getting a massage. He laughed at the thought of Raven lying on a comfortable stretcher with a girl whose blond locks had been braided rubbing her back. He laughed out loud but he meant not to.
”What is so funny about this situation, master?” Premetheis stood with hands folded behind his back. His jeans were slit in three places where Kava’s knife had made contact. His black t-shirt hugged the form of his body very elegantly.
”Oh, Raven’s in Switzerland getting a massage. Just the thought of her lying down with some girl rubbing her back, is amusing.” Ather chuckled as the last image diminished from his mind. Premetheis joined in as he realized how humorous that site must have been.

”Raven, so glad to see you again. Have fun in Switzerland?” Ather and Premetheis were lounging on the couch discussing what to do with Kava when they both recognized Raven’s scent. She appeared moments later.
”Yes, I had a great time. I hope you two had a glorious time fending off that witch. I can still sense her in the house. Did you kill her?” Raven took the open spot next to Ather. He felt more secure when she is around him.
”Well, we had some difficulties with her. She fainted and we had to bring her downstairs to rest until she wakes up and is ready to leave.” Ather had quickly made up this lie though it was not far from the truth. He hoped Raven would believe it.
”Is she a threat?” Raven had a smirk upon her face. Most vampires have the same smirk when they found something amusing.
”No she is not.” Premetheis thought he should add in a word or two.
”Good. Now, on to more important matters.” Raven was planning something and Ather did not like the untrusting shiftiness of her eyes.
”What could be more important, especially when you’re the one to bring them up?” Ather was defiantly curious about this.
”Why are you holding me back from be coming a fully grown vampire? I can fight like you and use my mind like you so then why are you holding me back from becoming one of you. Why do you like at me and do not accept me as one of your own? I wish to know the truth, and I hope that you shall tell me the truth.” Raven didn’t have anger in her eyes. Ather couldn’t find any word that described the look she was giving him right now. Maybe it was sensitivity, or tranquility that he had corrupted. He didn’t know.
”Raven, the threat you laid out before me when I asked you to leave was a bit discouraging. It’s always hard for anyone to accept someone into their family. Not just humans, vampires, witches, shape shifters.” he trailed on. “The point is that, it’s not an easy adjustment. We all feel a bit of love every once and a while, maybe this is the time you feel it too.” Ather didn’t know what exactly he was saying at the current moment; all he knew was that he believed it with all his heart.
”I don’t understand.” Raven stated. Truthfully, she didn’t. To her it sounded like Ather was going through is once and a while love thing. She didn’t want that to happen. She didn’t know what she wanted anymore.
”Well if that’s it, I will resign to my bed. I will rise by nightfall.” Raven then blinked to her room, collapsed in her bed and fell fast asleep. Her sleep was peaceful and claming despite the fact that she didn’t dream as the rest of her kind.

”Premetheis, I wish to be alone to think things over, if that’s alright with you of course.” Ather said while rubbing his eyes.
”Sure, if you need anything just call okay?” Premetheis blinked out of sight to somewhere Ather knew not and desired not to.

What was he going to do about Raven? Did he feel something for her? Even if he did, he was sure it was going to weaken him. Ather paced about the living room, not that it would help at all. He was thinking aloud, which he did often. Although the dark walls never answered, he still likes to him them company.
”Why did I have to change her? If I didn’t would I feel lonely without her? Would she go on with her life or try to kill me again?” Ather paced faster at each question he asked.

”Damnit,” Ather froze when he saw his sister, Klisthen, right in front of him. She was Ather’s blood sister, another fledging of Jechiziah. Ather hoped that her business here would take a short period of time but, he had an eerie feeling it would not.
”Happy to see me Ather?” Klisthen said in between that wide smile on her face. Ather had grown to hate that smile.
”Oh, yes, very.” Ather returned the same devious smile he received. “State your business and go. I have better things to attend to other than you.”
”Well, if you want it that way, you’ll have it that way.” Klisthen sat down on the red velvet couch Raven and Ather were just lounging on. “Raven Vida, Ather. What were you thinking? That name is easily tracked. What if her mother, Turquoise came looking for her? I cannot let my famous brother be found and killed by a vampire hunter after all these years. She must change her name in order to, not so bluntly, cause a threat.” Klisthen peered at Ather with eyes of the serpent, evil and angered.
”I disapprove completely,” Ather did not like Klisthens attitude towards this subject. Frankly, he didn’t like Klisthen at all. From the way she deals with things to the way she treats humans and her attitude stinks. “Klisthen, I’m not young anymore, you do not have to look out for me. Now, please leave.” Ather was growing impatient. Klisthen could tell by the tone of his voice.
”Ather, listen to me -“
”Out Klisthen,” Ather interrupted, which obviously annoyed her but Ather was growing bored and tired of this.
”I highly doubt Jechiziah would approve of this. She might bring Raven to the Council to have her inspected. Raven was a vampire hunter; those instincts of killing do not just disappear. You should know that by now, Ather. She’s not strong now and never will be. She’ll grow up to be a disgrace to her line. Raven will never be more than a mere human and she will never learn to be a vampire, not even half of one.” Klisthen now was standing up invading Ather’s space like she owned it. Her anger had taken advantage of the outlet. Klisthen was sure Ather did not appreciate what she had to say.
”Klisthen,” He said calmly. “You are in my house, my territory. I will hurt you if I feel the need to defend my fledging. I have asked you nicely, I was stern with you and now I just have to be blunt. Get out! I don’t like killing my kind, Klisthen, but for you, I would gladly make an exception.” Ather said, making his threat clear.
”Likewise, but don’t come crawling back to me and say I didn’t warn you, Oh, one more thing. Don’t keep Kava here for long; she might be brave enough to come upstairs. Those locks aren’t strong enough for Kava’s power. You know that. Then, why don’t you do something about it?” Klisthen gave Ather one last glare before she blinked out of sight. Ather was thankful that she chose a wise decision. He would not like to kill her and it would not be a pretty site to see.

Ather was reluctant to leave Raven all alone in his house. Premetheis was in Massachusetts in New Mayhem. He was having a couple of drinks in the night club La Noche. In order to keep this situation from getting out of hand, he must go and see Jechiziah. Maybe even the creator himself, Siete.

Ather had left Raven for a reason worth defending. He hadn’t spent much time with Raven since she was changed yet; Raven seemed to be the most beautiful creature to walk this earth.
She had naturally fair skin, which was unusual for a witch. Her golden locks seemed to shimmer more in the darkness than in the light. Her once emerald green eyes were mysterious and deep. Those of which truly made her belong in the darkness with them, with Ather.
Why do I have to be attracted to her and yet I barely know her, he cursed. This feeling had been with him all along but when he left her alone he realized the wrenching truth.
Ather proceeded into Jechiziah’s territory. He was fazed and distracted by the scent of blood. The impact got stronger when he entered Lutheran, Jechiziah’s night club. Ather hadn’t fed in days in which made him vulnerable to others. Especially in someone else’s territory. The lighting didn’t seem to help much either.

What are you doing here? Gabriel asked. Gabriel is another fledging of Jechiziahs. He is almost as old as Ather, which made him Ather’s rival.
We have the same mother, Gabriel. Why else would I be here? Ather answered him displeased with his welcome. Ather and Gabriel were meant to be rivals when they were changed. Ather is undoubtedly stronger than Gabriel mentally; he wasn’t so sure about physically.
Where is she anyway? Ather asked, walking up to Gabriel.
How am I supposed to know? Gabriel took a sip of his drink, which seemed to be a Bloody Mary.
You are her little pet, obedient like a dog, Gabriel. She has you on a leash that stretches arms length. Jechiziah has you feeding out of the palm of her hand. I ask again, Gabriel. I am not in a good mood, don’t make it worse or it might end up fatal: for you of course. Ather was growing impatient with Gabriel. He didn’t have the time for this at all. Ather could feel Gabriel’s anger rising, he took pleasure in this. Gabriel had a high temper and Ather always loved tormenting him.
Gabriel lashed at with his power which sent Ather back into the wall. He didn’t hesitate to act. Ather changed form to a black panther, his favorite animal, and pinned Gabriel down on the bar. Paws were digging deeper into Gabriel’s skin. He pushed Ather off of him, only a couple of feet to delay him. Gabriel took advantage of his hesitation to look under the bar for something, anything.
Ather rapidly found his feet and switched back to human form. He was on top of Gabriel again with in seconds. This time, Ather went for a more dangerous injury that would heal slower than cut from claws.
He held Gabriel at his throat, pinned down again, on the bar. His instincts kicked in and tried to fight with Ather but his grip tightened each time Gabriel began to struggle.
”This time I will not be so generous Gabriel.” Ather said while his grip tightened to add effect to his words.
Who said you were being generous in the beginning. Gabriel could not speak the human tongue while his throat was being destroyed.
”I will squeeze your vertebrae right through your windpipe, Gabriel. Don’t tempt me to carry out my plans.” Rage flickered in Ather’s black eyes. While stating his treat clearly, he recognized a familiar presence in the club but was too busy to dwell on it.
The crowd in Lutheran has subsided. Most humans left knowing how dangerous fighting vampires can be. Especially after hearing the threat Ather had stated ever-so casually. The crowd now was mostly vampire and a couple shape shifters who were debating on leaving as well.
If you are willing to kill your own brother, Gabriel was skating on thin ice. Then start now. Amusement had filled Gabriel’s features but Ather managed not to see how this was, anything but, funny.
“Alright then, I hope your fond of pain because that’s the last thing you’re going to feel.” Ather said. He began to squeeze harder while lashing out with his own power. He had never experienced the two at the same time but he had heard it was excruciatingly painful; as he hoped it would be.
His grip was definitely fatal to humans as he felt and heard Gabriel’s windpipe collapse. It was a sickening sound to anything who had heard it.

Jechiziah must have felt Gabriel’s pain and blinked to her own night club. Not surprised by what she saw when she arrived, Jechiziah was outraged.
”Why the hell are two of my fledglings fighting in my night club?” Jechiziah was shaking with fury. Ather paused for a moment to glance back at his mother.
With the setback of his opponent, Gabriel brought both his knees up to his chest and kicked Ather, sending him crashing into the wall on the other side of the room where he was thrown earlier.
Gabriel still lay on top of the bar with hands at his throat. He’s gasping for breath even though he doesn’t need it. It’s a natural reaction. Gabriel’s windpipe will take longer to heal. Ather completely collapsed it with that deadly grip. Gabriel sent a glower in Ather’s direction, in which was fully returned.
”Answer me,” Jechiziah said, continuing when she heard no answer. “You fools. I’d think you’d both know better than to fight here, of all places. There is a better way to settle this dispute. Up to my quarters,” Jechiziah turned to Gabriel then Ather. Both of them looked at each other, not trusting the other if one dared to look away.
”Now!” Jechiziah screamed, “If you both don’t move this instant I’ll tear your heart out and feed it to the sharks of the icy waters in Russia, myself.”
Both of them jumped up and blinked upstairs. When Jechiziah brought up her heritage, she was best avoided. If bringing it up directed towards you, you’d be dead not doing what she says. Ather sacrificed a lot to get this life, he wasn’t about to throw it all away.

Jechiziah was waiting for them, as Ather appeared first. Gabriel was still recovering form his painful jury. She paced back and forth in front of her black bed.
The room was entirely black, which was normal for a vampire. The bed was a canopy, made of a dark mahogany. There were black out shades and black walls. A black velvet couch and a chair in the corner made of the same material.
The murals on the walls were of Norse Gods. Rubies stood for the eyes of the great wolf, Fenris who swallowed the sun in Greek mythology: which was painted on the ceiling. On the right wall was Echidna, the Greek mother of all monsters. She was Jechiziah’s favorite. Sapphires were in place of her eyes.
The support poles of the canopy were carved from mahogany in the design of the Norse World Serpent. Two onyx stones replaced the glowing yellow eyes. Finally, Cerberus on the left wall: a three-headed dog that guarded the black gates of Haides. Cerberus had amethysts for eyes. All murals had been outlined in white and a very faint color filled the inside of the strangely bright barriers.
Ather walked over the chair in the corner and sat down never taking his eyes off Gabriel. He made himself at home while Gabriel lounged on the couch across the room. Both were still staring at each other, hatred high in the atmosphere. Everyone in Jechiziah’s room could sense it. Jechiziah paced at the foot of her bed, angered with frustration. She didn’t know where to begin.
”What were you two doing fighting on my bar? Ather, you’re not that dim-witted to know how much I hate fighting, especially my own two fledglings on my own territory. Now explain yourselves.” Jechiziah paused to look at Ather, indicating he go first.
”Well, I was looking for you and then I stumbled upon this idiot who challenged me. I never turn down a challenge, Jechiziah, you know that.” Ather said trying to keep his voice smooth and fearless. Jechiziah was the only vampire Ather was afraid of and she knew it. This was the only control Jechiziah had over Ather.
”Oh really?” Jechiziah then turned to Gabriel. “Gabriel, what’s your excuse?”
”Well, I, uh, well I was drinking at your bar and Ather walked in and well, I didn’t think you’d like him in your territory. So, I” Gabriel stuttered. His control to keep his voice calm, was no where to be found.
”So you what?” Jechiziah was growing impatient. “I’ve had enough of you Gabriel, and your pathetic problems. You’ve driven me to the point where I just don’t care anymore. Leave and don’t come back.”
Gabriel blinked out of sight upon hearing Jechiziah’s threat, yet, he managed to sneak in one more glare at Ather before he disappeared.
”I thought this was a christen club? It has a christen name, does it not?” Ather said, hoping that Jechiziah would not be too mad at him.
”HA! Christen? This place is anything but the holy ground of God’s trusting word. That’s why I named it Lutheran.” Jechiziah said while falling back into her bed. “It is good to see you again though, even under the circumstances that brought you here.”
”I bet Klisthen came complaining to you.” Ather said
”Good guess,” Jechiziah chuckled “when doesn’t she come complaining to me? She never stops.”
”Klisthen came to my home,” Ather stated seriously.
”I know. I sent her there.” Jechiziah sat up hearing the tone of Ather’s voice.
”Why? Don’t trust me?” Ather thought a chuckle would tone things up a bit considering how Jechiziah sat up when he made that comment.
”No, it’s not that exactly. I just wanted you to realize what you did. Raven created uproar in the Council. What were you thinking anyway? Have I taught you nothing?” Jechiziah said with disapproval.
”I was thinking in my state of mine that I usually do. Is it so hard to accept the fact that she can be a vampire?” This probably wasn’t the best thing to say while Jechiziah was in this mood. The mood where you can’t really tell if she’s angry or neutral. Jechiziah is rarely happy.
”Yes, Jechiziah. She was a vampire hunter. Now, she’s a vampire. She has changed, don’t you see that?” Ather slouched further down in the velvet chair.
”I do, but wonder if the Council does. From what Klisthen told me, you’re hiding her sister in the basement. You threatened to kill Klisthen on behalf of Raven, and you don’t think that this is any problem?” Jechiziah didn’t seem happy at all to hear this news. Klisthen probably exaggerated to get Ather in more trouble.
”Which is the one you don’t agree with the most?” Ather said
”All of the above,” Jechiziah chuckled, not that this was a joking matter. “You can’t do that, Ather. You just can’t.”
”Why can’t I?”
”Did you once think about the consequences that this might bring you? Or were you too blinded by your emotions?”
”Both, really. I mean I considered what might happen and consulted with Premetheis-“
”Premetheis, that fool. Why do you even keep him around? He’s a waste of space and of your time.”
”He has been loyal to me. That is a rare quality to find in a vampire these days, no matter how strong he is.”
”I don’t call that loyalty; I call that sucking-up. You have him eating out of the palm of your hand.”
”Like you have Gabriel?” Ather smirked. He knew that Jechiziah wouldn’t appreciate that comment, thus giving him a good reason to make it clearly stated.
”That was totally uncalled for. Witty comments like that are going to get your beloved Raven killed when she is brought upon the Council.”
”You know for sure that they are going to send for her?”
”I was the one who suggested it. Fala disagreed with everything that I said and insisted that we diminish her immediately. Alera didn’t want anything to do with this matter and Kameron wasn’t able to make it. Mayhen backed me up, as well as Tazil. Siete wasn’t able to get a word in-between the arguments. All in all, it was a complete disaster.” Jechiziah rubbed her temples remembering the biggest headache she ever had, caused by Ather.
”I’ve always been trying to figure out why I’m the Trouble-maker, tonight; my question has finally been answered.” Ather stood up and stretched, sitting back down when Jechiziah began to speak.
”You always get me in trouble. Sometimes, I wonder if changing you was a mistake.” Jechiziah joked.
”Couldn’t have been. I completely disagree.” Ather got up and stretched again, not satisfying the need for movement. He was hoping that Jechiziah would feel the need to move as well, but sadly that hope was demolished when she laid there for 20 minutes in complete silence.
Jechiziah sighed.
”If you don’t mind, I’m going to retreat to my home. Raven should be rising soon and I wouldn’t want her to get attacked. If you need me just stop by. Jechiziah?” Ather stood up and proceeded to the door.
”Yes?” Jechiziah mumbled
”Why don’t you come by later? If all is fair, then you should at least meet her before you form your opinion. You can even examine her if you desire too.” Ather left before Jechiziah had time to answer the proposal. He left through the door like normal people. His stretches didn’t wither away the urge to move so he took the long way home. He paused by a dark alley to feed, by dusk, he was nearly home and sensed Raven’s waking mind; foggy but still awake.

Ather? Raven sensed Ather before he was a mile within his own territory.
Yes Raven? Ather answered back.
Where have you been? I rose and you weren’t in the house or in your territory. Raven was startled to find her voice was full of worry.
I had some things to take care of. Ather tried to be vague hoping that she would not see right through it.
Things involving Klisthen? Raven thought.
”How did you know about Klisthen?” Ather appeared behind her moments later.
”Who wouldn’t hear that racket she made?” Raven sat down at the kitchen table which was still full of the food they had this morning.
”Good point, but I think you of all people, shouldn’t be worried about her. Her intensions were good in the beginning. Klisthen was disgusted that she was sent there instead of Gabriel.” Ather took up a piece of bacon and bite it distastefully since it was cold.
”Gabriel? Isn’t he your rival? That would have ended in a disaster.” Raven said.
”Yes, all of that is true, but I took care of him.” Ather answered not trying to go into detail.
”You collapsed his windpipe. You dug panther claws into his chest and on top of all that, you made a fool of him in front of Jechiziah.” Raven finished the details Ather intended to leave out.
Ather vaguely remembered sensing the presence and then realized that it was Raven’s. She stood up and walked defiantly into the living room where she flung herself on the couch.
You don’t stop amazing me, Raven, and I don’t think you ever will. Ather thought knowing that Raven would be able to hear him. Premetheis was still in Las Noche; Ather took himself to his side before Raven had the time to respond.

”Damn him,” Raven said. The trait must run in the family. “I was a vampire hunter, almost two years. I missed my competition on Saturday. I do hope Kava did okay.” She paused. “What am I saying? Raven, you don’t live in that world any more. You belong to this one.” Raven didn’t expect the walls to answer but she did expect it to help her sort out her emotions. It didn’t.

Kava was hungry and tired. She woke up about a couple of days ago in a cell. The one place she hoped she wouldn’t end up. Missed her competition on Saturday, she thought it would not conclude way it did. What was I thinking? Kava thought to herself. I come in Premetheis’ house and attack him- without backup. Then, it all went to hell when Ather appeared. I had no idea he was here. This is his house isn’t it? Damnit. Kava realized she came to Ather’s house. It was his style house-colors and that- and this cell proves her right. She knows little about Premetheis’ past but Ather’s? Every witch that hunts vampires should know about him. If they don’t, they are as good as dead.
Kava was lying there, muscles seemed fine and her brain didn’t seem drugged. On top of everything that wasn’t wrong besides the fact that she’s in the basement of a vampires house, was that she was chained to the wall. Figuring she can’t do anything else, she launched herself into a shorten history lesson.

Ather was changed on the night of his 19th birthday and ever since then he stayed looking 19. Jechiziah gave him her blood, for rights of power. She did not know how strong he would become at that time. The vampire blood smoothed out his skin, toned his muscles, turned his eyes black, grew retractable fangs, and inserted the thirst for blood into one of his five senses. Naturally, his mind power grew and he was gifted with powers beyond the regular human mind capacity. These powers included: reading peoples mind, moving on the instant of thinking, the ability to physically and mentally hurt another vampire, strength beyond any human, injecting thoughts into human or vampire mind, and the sedating feel of the saliva when a vampire feeds. All vampires that are changed will gain those qualities but, it depends on whose blood was given to you to tell how strong you will be.
The vampiric world is run by male dominance. Each and every vampire will fight if threatened or accused of being weak. Whoever wins these fights is considered superior to other vampires. It shows that this certain vampire is strong and will hurt you if the need is clearly revealed. Some vampires fight if threatened or they challenge for pure power.
Ather however, had a rough history. He wasn’t strong as a human. In 1193, his mother died. He was 5 years old and was living with his father. At the age of 13 he was sold into the slave trade by his father. No one quite knows how that story goes because he won’t talk about it but, apparently his father owed some power persons a lot of money-which he didn’t have. So, he sold his own son into the slave trade to make a profit. With that money he paid off the debts. Two weeks later he was found dead. No one knew what happened to him.
Alexander, Ather’s human name, was sold to Jechiziah. Jechiziah’s slave trade was named Nitefall. She was a brutal trainer. Jechiziah whipped humans for hours when they forgot a title, she’d beaten them bloody when they didn’t obey, and she starved them when they weren’t behaving. Alexander didn’t survive long without a beating. He disobeyed every order given to him and was crushed for it. He was strong enough to fight her- well stronger than most humans because none of them dared to try.
Alex had gotten by three years without dying and that was very unusual for one of Jechiziah’s humans. She would have liked him to be more obedient; a pet. He vowed to himself that he would never become her pet, her prey. Then at the age 16, Jechiziah was fed up with him and had taken all her anger out on him.
There’s one thing about Jechiziah that made her a harsh trainer; she had a pet- literally. Her Bengal tiger she named Merci. Whenever she would get tired of a human or shape shifters and occasionally other vampires, she would tie them to a wooden post and have Merci sharpen her claws.
Two years later, Alex was 18 and he had survived this far. Evidently, he had become one of Jechiziah’s pets. There was no other choice. He was half into the year of his 19th birthday when he had gone to far.
Jechiziah was having important people over to discuss the slave trade and since Alex was well behaved and broken, he was chosen to help serve the food. He had argued with Jechiziah, pleading for himself that he shouldn’t be able to do it. He had gotten a bad beaten from that and was in poor shape for the diner the following night. Jechiziah’s word prevailed and he proceeded to do it anyway. While the dinner was going on, Jechiziah decided to impress them and desired to use Alex as her little puppet. Alex was beaten to the floor, he was tired and blood in his eyes. He fought back. Jechiziah saw the need to really hurt him. She pounded him to the ground over and over again which eventually knocked him unconscious. He awoke to find himself pinned to the wooden pole in her courtyard with Merci standing in front of him. He glared in her golden eyes; as she did his. Alex blinked and she pounced. She sharpened her claws as he was helpless at the post.
Marci had ripped out his intestines. Alex was barely breathing when Jechiziah decided to take him down. If he had died, Jechiziah would be the most feared creature on the earth, but he didn’t. Now, if Jechiziah were to kill him, she’d still be the most powerful creature on earth but have a bad reputation. She had decided to let him live just to make her appear merciful. Alex was chained to the wall in the same cell he stayed in for his first year here, with medical attention every two hours. The vampire, who had more than enough medical education, informed Jechiziah he would not make it another hour.
She had to make a decision quick and the only option was to change him. She was reluctant to do so but she went on with it. Ather was changed some hundred years ago by Jechiziah, the most powerful vampire from the most dominant line of vampires. It was only logic that Ather would be strong but, she didn’t think so because of his refusal of orders, his weakness of being disobedient, his will to fight. Jechiziah thought that he would have fought against the vampiric blood and died doing so. Instead, he settled for what he got and accepted his fate.
Alex was renamed, Jechiziah decided that he wouldn’t be strong but she did think that changing his name would help in the process. Ather would be his name now. Jechiziah chose that name as a sign of weakness. Athena the Greek goddess of War wasn’t very strong even though her people were. Ather wouldn’t be very strong even though the vampires around him would be. It symbolized his weakness for all to see, he’s not weak any more, it now symbolizes Jechiziah’s mistake.
A few hundred years later, Ather became one of the strongest vampires ever known. He came and conquered; delivered and defeated; marched and slaughtered until all were afraid of him. Being accused of cowering is worse then being indicted of weakness. Jechiziah was wrong about Ather. She taught him everything he knows over the years and he has taught her more than enough about humans.
A year within his change, Jechiziah’s Nitefall was striving as the slave trade. Ather was the top trainer next to Fala. All of Jechiziah’s siblings disagreed with her when she made the change. When Ather started working as a trainer, he grew respect from the others as they see humans crumble under his command. He astounded everyone by his quirk of attitude.
Nitefall stood for 50 years after Ather’s change. The human population went down at least by a third in New York; Nitefall’s neighboring town. Humans were being bread to serve the most powerful group of vampires around. The trainers would work the humans; manipulate them until they were more perfect than pets. Disgusting little rodents doing what their masters tell them. The last year Nitefall was standing; Ather left. He was bored of taming humans. He went to Las Noche to start something new. Ever since Ather left, Jechiziah’s Nitefall was not the same. All his humans went wherever they had wanted. Jechiziah couldn’t control them because they wouldn’t listen to her. She needed Ather back but he never came.
The humans overran Jechiziah’s beautiful Nitefall. She took her siblings and went to Las Noche about a year after Ather left. She bought a house from an insurance company and made it her own night club which she calls Lutheran. Ather, however, had met another vampire who was just changed and running free. Apparently, his master beat him beyond fixing and changed him. Since Premetheis was stronger than his master because of all the pain he endured, Premetheis killed him. Ather found him by his sense of strong vampiric blood. Ather took him in and taught him everything about the vampiric world. Ever since then Premetheis is loyal to Ather and now lives within his house.
Ather’s ways changed when he met Premetheis. He taught Ather why humans shouldn’t be treated brutally by trusting Ather. Ather cherished this trust that Premetheis had for him and changed his ways of doing everything. He decided to get a house and fill it with colors; that he did. He has been living there for 450 years.
That’s almost his whole history. During the time in the house he killed a few witches, fought for pure power and just lived (if you might say) day by day. How I got here is a different story but does intertwine with his past.
Ather was planning on killing all the vampire hunters that are descendants from Rachael Macht, the mother of all witches. Ather had killed Rachael before Raven was born. Her line of witchcraft persisted on to Turquoise, her blood sister. Turquoise had two daughters, Kava and Raven. Raven was not yet a fully trained vampire hunter and Kava was about to become a Triste. Raven was clumsy with everything that she handled. Whips, crossbows, spears, and even the wooden scepters. She barely got her spells correct, let alone trusting her to kill instead of getting killed. Raven had only one skill. A unique skill. Her flair with a hand knife. That’s how she got so far in becoming a vampire hunter instead of a witch. Even though, they are two in the same, one should favor more than the other.
Ather held a grudge against my family for years. Even though, Rachael did have other siblings, Raven had attacked him when she caught him feeding on a human. She was inexperienced that being her first fight, and she didn’t know what she was doing. Ather had always gone after my mother and us since then. When Raven didn’t return one night, we were worried that it was Ather she was going after. When she didn’t return, my mother sent me out to find her. The first place I looked was here and I was right. If Raven would never attacked him two years ago, she wouldn’t be here and neither would I.
Kava must have drifted off into a light sleep because she awoke with a start. Her eyes were foggy; she trusted her mind to sense a vampiric power. Her mind proved powerful. The chains screeched with the slightest movement against the cold stone floor.
“Kava, you don’t need to move. Waking your sister up would be a bad idea.” Ather said through shadows.
“So, she is here. I knew it.” Kava responded.
“No need to worry Kava, she’s already fully developed. You can’t make her go back, and even if she did, the vampiric blood would kill her.” Ather said.
“It wouldn’t matter, she’s dead either way, walking or not.”
“Your affection for her shows in your tone. I can see very clearly through that glass shield you put up. You’re weak. Don’t try to fight it. Your sister’s gone. Accept it now or die for her dead soul.” Ather meant to threaten her. He wanted her to know that Raven is gone and will soon become Ravyn. Kava needed to understand this.
“No matter how much you threaten me with the truth, I’m not leaving here without my sister. Dead or alive. I know I can’t undo what you did, but maybe others can. Your blood is strong but, will it prove to be as rigid as your past?” Kava snapped back.
Ather crouched down and leaned into the bars of the cell so they were almost touching. “Rachael squealed like a pig before I killed her, do you want me to find out if you do the same?” Ather was tired of this mind game to see who will win.
Kava gathered all the saliva in her dry mouth and spit it in his face.
“So you have chosen death.” He got up and stepped back. “Good bye, Kava, for the rest of the living world will miss you.” Ather walked away towards the stairs. He heaved the steel door open effortlessly and closed it with a thud behind him. That was the last sound Kava heard from the living world.
“Like your apart of it.” She muttered. He probably heard that but, it was better than saying it to his face. Kava moved with agony to her ears as the rusty metal scrapped against the stone floor.
I heard that. Ather projected his thought into Kava’s drowsy head. Kava heard his voice very faint in her mind. She was displeased to hear it so soon. Kava threw her walls up (as best they could hold) but she still felt Ather’s mind draw at hers.
Soon enough, his mind began to leave Kava’s as she drifted off into an uncomfortable sleep.

Raven had awoken at the time of Ather’s coming upstairs. She made her way downstairs to find Ather lounging on the couch. She admired how beautiful he really was just for a second or two. Then, Ather noticed Raven watching him and he began to speak.
“It’s a good thing your up.” Ather said after he closed his eyes.
“What time is it?” She said as she moved to the door way.
“About four o’clock. Why?” He sat up and swung his knees over the side of the couch to hunch over them on his elbows. Ather rested his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes.
“You look like hell.” Raven said bluntly as she leaned against the door way.
“Oh, gee, thanks. Good afternoon to you too.”
Raven chuckled. “So, why is it good that I’m up?”
“Well, we’ve got a lot of things to do tonight.” Ather stayed in the position he was in finding it very comfortable although he was muttering in-between his fingers.
“It’s not even sunset.” Raven argued.
“We have to go to the Council. They need to see you. After that, we’re going to Las Noche. And I would like to spend some time with you.” Ather took his hands out of his head to say that much. Soon enough, it was back down.
“You need to feed and get some rest before you start worrying about anybody else. Okay?” Raven walked over to him and sat down next to him. The deep red of her bathrobe blended in with the couch but her pale skin clashed.
“Yes, mother.” Ather chuckled. “Who made you boss?” He looked up at her. The faint color of her legs didn’t belong in the red robe as the robe didn’t belong on her.
“Now, don’t use that tone of voice with me, son.” Raven looked straight in Ather’s eyes and saw something she thought she’d never see; contentment. Delighted in her discovery she smiled.
“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Ather couldn’t help but smile back.
Raven looked away; down to the floor although she thought Ather was a much prettier target.
“No, I didn’t mean that in a bad way.” Ather said trying to get her attention back. Raven looked up at him again though she had lost her smile.
“Then what do you mean?”
“I mean,” Ather gazed into her eyes, he couldn’t tear himself away. “I meant,”
“Yes?” Raven was eager to find out what he had to say if he could get beyond the ‘ I meant,’ part.
Ather gently stroked his fingers across her cheek to her neck leading down her shoulder. All the way down her arm to which he met her smooth hand.
“You meant what?” Raven said no louder than a whisper while leaning in closer to his lips.
“I,” Ather intertwined his fingers with hers as she brought her hand up to shoulder height. His hand was perfectly fit amid her fingers. Closer and closer Raven leaned in. He titled his head perfectly for her lips to rest on his. Slowly he moved his hand to her shoulder sliding off part of the robe to bare her soft back and then up again. Finally, their lips gently touched and again, more aggressive.
“Ah ham.” Both qu

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