Shadows of the Dark

This is DeamOn, at last. I’ve written a lot more in my world than I ever have before. This is the lastest. I wasn’t sure the last time I posted so, I didn’t know where I left off. Mind the few errors, I haven’t had the chance to edit it fully. Hope you like it.
P.S I still wish to change it around.

Kava was hungry and tired. She woke up about a couple of days ago in a cell. The one place she hoped she wouldn’t end up. Missed her competition on Saturday, she thought it would not conclude way it did. What was I thinking? Kava thought to herself. I come in Premetheis’ house and attack him- without backup. Then, it all went to hell when Ather appeared. I had no idea he was here. This is his house isn’t it? Damnit. Kava realized she came to Ather’s house. It was his style house-colors and that- and this cell proves her right. She knows little about Premetheis’ past but Ather’s? Every witch that hunts vampires should know about him. If they don’t, they are as good as dead.
Kava was lying there, muscles seemed fine and her brain didn’t seem drugged. On top of everything that wasn’t wrong besides the fact that she’s in the basement of a vampires house, was that she was chained to the wall. Figuring she can’t do anything else, she launched herself into a shorten history lesson.

Ather was changed on the night of his 19th birthday and ever since then he stayed looking 19. Jechiziah gave him her blood, for rights of power. She did not know how strong he would become at that time. The vampire blood smoothed out his skin, toned his muscles, turned his eyes black, grew retractable fangs, and inserted the thirst for blood into one of his five senses. Naturally, his mind power grew and he was gifted with powers beyond the regular human mind capacity. These powers included: reading peoples mind, moving on the instant of thinking, the ability to physically and mentally hurt another vampire, strength beyond any human, injecting thoughts into human or vampire mind, and the sedating feel of the saliva when a vampire feeds. All vampires that are changed will gain those qualities but, it depends on whose blood was given to you to tell how strong you will be.
The vampiric world is run by male dominance. Each and every vampire will fight if threatened or accused of being weak. Whoever wins these fights is considered superior to other vampires. It shows that this certain vampire is strong and will hurt you if the need is clearly revealed. Some vampires fight if threatened or they challenge for pure power.
Ather however, had a rough history. He wasn’t strong as a human. In 1193, his mother died. He was 5 years old and was living with his father. At the age of 13 he was sold into the slave trade by his father. No one quite knows how that story goes because he won’t talk about it but, apparently his father owed some power persons a lot of money-which he didn’t have. So, he sold his own son into the slave trade to make a profit. With that money he paid off the debts. Two weeks later he was found dead. No one knew what happened to him.
Alexander, Ather’s human name, was sold to Jechiziah. Jechiziah’s slave trade was named Nitefall. She was a brutal trainer. Jechiziah whipped humans for hours when they forgot a title, she’d beaten them bloody when they didn’t obey, and she starved them when they weren’t behaving. Alexander didn’t survive long without a beating. He disobeyed every order given to him and was crushed for it. He was strong enough to fight her- well stronger than most humans because none of them dared to try.
Alex had gotten by three years without dying and that was very unusual for one of Jechiziah’s humans. She would have liked him to be more obedient; a pet. He vowed to himself that he would never become her pet, her prey. Then at the age 16, Jechiziah was fed up with him and had taken all her anger out on him.
There’s one thing about Jechiziah that made her a harsh trainer; she had a pet- literally. Her Bengal tiger she named Merci. Whenever she would get tired of a human or shape shifters and occasionally other vampires, she would tie them to a wooden post and have Merci sharpen her claws.
Five years later, Alex was 18 and he had survived this far. Evidently, he had become one of Jechiziah’s pets. There was no other choice. He was half into the year of his 19th birthday when he had gone to far.
Jechiziah was having important people over to discuss the slave trade and since Alex was well behaved and broken, he was chosen to help serve the food. He had argued with Jechiziah, pleading for himself that he shouldn’t be able to do it. He had gotten a bad beaten from that and was in poor shape for the diner the following night. Jechiziah’s word prevailed and he proceeded to do it anyway. While the dinner was going on, Jechiziah decided to impress them and desired to use Alex as her little puppet. Alex was beaten to the floor, he was tired and blood in his eyes. He fought back. Jechiziah saw the need to really hurt him. She pounded him to the ground over and over again which eventually knocked him unconscious. He awoke to find himself pinned to the wooden pole in her courtyard with Merci standing in front of him. He glared in her golden eyes; as she did his. Alex blinked and she pounced. She sharpened her claws as he was helpless at the post.
Marci had ripped out his intestines. Alex was barely breathing when Jechiziah decided to take him down. If he had died, Jechiziah would be the most feared creature on the earth, but he didn’t. Now, if Jechiziah were to kill him, she’d still be the most powerful creature on earth but have a bad reputation. She had decided to let him live just to make her appear merciful. Alex was changed to the wall in the same cell he stayed in for his first year here, with medical attention every two hours. The vampire, who had more than enough medical education, informed Jechiziah he would not make it another hour.
She had to make a decision quick and the only option was to change him. She was reluctant to do so but she went on with it. Ather was changed some hundred years ago by Jechiziah, the most powerful vampire from the most dominant line of vampires. It was only logic that Ather would be strong but, she didn’t think so because of his refusal of orders, his weakness of being disobedient, he will to fight. Jechiziah thought that he would have fought against the vampiric blood and died doing so. Instead, he settled for what he got and accepted his fate.
Alex was renamed, Jechiziah decided that he wouldn’t be strong but she did think that changing his name would help in the process. Ather would be his name now. Jechiziah chose that name as a sign of weakness. Athena the Greek goddess of War wasn’t very strong even though her people were. Ather wouldn’t be very strong even though the vampires around him would be. It symbolized his weakness for all to see, he’s not weak any more, it now symbolizes Jechiziah’s mistake.
A few hundred years later, Ather becomes one of the strongest vampires ever known. He came and conquered; delivered and defeated; marched and slaughtered until all were afraid of him. Being accused of cowering is worse then being indicted of weakness. Jechiziah was wrong about Ather. She taught him everything he knows over the years and he has taught her more than enough about humans.
A year within his change, Jechiziah’s Nitefall was striving as the slave trade. Ather was the top trainer next to Fala. All of Jechiziah’s siblings disagreed with her when she made the change. When Ather started working as a trainer, he grew respect from the others as they see humans crumble under his command. He astounded everyone by his quirk of attitude.
Nitefall stood for 50 years after Ather’s change. The human population went down at least by a third in New York; Nitefall’s neighboring town. Humans were being bread to serve the most powerful group of vampires around. The trainers would work the humans; manipulate them until they were more perfect than pets. Disgusting little rodents doing what their masters tell them. The last year Nitefall was standing; Ather left. He was bored of taming humans. He went to Las Noche to start something new. Ever since Ather left, Jechiziah’s Nitefall was not the same. All his humans went wherever they had wanted. Jechiziah couldn’t control them because they wouldn’t listen to her. She needed Ather back but he never came.
The humans overran Jechiziah’s beautiful Nitefall. She took her siblings and went to Las Noche about a year after Ather left. She bought a house from an insurance company and made it her own night club which she calls Lutheran. Ather, however, had met another vampire who was just changed and running free. Apparently, his master beat him beyond fixing and changed him. Since Premetheis was stronger than his master because of all the pain he endured, Premetheis killed him. Ather found him by his sense of strong vampiric blood. Ather took him in and taught him everything about the vampiric world. Ever since then Premetheis is loyal to Ather and now lives within his house.
Ather’s ways changed when he met Premetheis. He taught Ather why humans shouldn’t be treated brutally by trusting Ather. Ather cherished this trust that Premetheis had for him and changed his ways of doing everything. He decided to get a house and fill it with colors; that he did. He has been living there for 450 years.
That’s almost his whole history. During the time in the house he killed a few witches, fought for pure power and just lived (if you might say) day by day. How I got here is a different story but does intertwine with his past.
Ather was planning on killing all the vampire hunters that are descendants from Rachael Macht, the mother of all witches. Ather had killed Rachael before Raven was born. Her line of witchcraft persisted on to Turquoise, her blood sister. Turquoise had two daughters, Kava and Raven. Raven was not yet a fully trained vampire hunter and Kava was about to become a Triste. Raven was clumsy with everything that she handled. Whips, crossbows, spears, and even the wooden scepters. She barely got her spells correct, let alone trusting her to kill instead of getting killed. Raven had only one skill. A unique skill. Her flair with a hand knife. That’s how she got so far in becoming a vampire hunter instead of a witch. Even though, they are two in the same, one should favor more than the other.
Ather held a grudge against my family for years. Even though, Rachael did have other siblings, Raven had attacked him when she caught him feeding on a human. She was inexperienced that being her first fight, and she didn’t know what she was doing. Ather had always gone after my mother and us since then. When Raven didn’t return one night, we were worried that it was Ather she was going after. When she didn’t return, my mother sent me out to find her. The first place I looked was here and I was right. If Raven would never attacked him two years ago, she wouldn’t be here and neither would I.
Kava must have drifted off into a light sleep because she awoke with a start. Her eyes were foggy; she trusted her mind to sense a vampiric power. Her mind proved powerful. The chains screeched with the slightest movement against the cold stone floor.
“Kava, you don’t need to move. Waking your sister up would be a bad idea.” Ather said through shadows.
“So, she is here. I knew it.” Kava responded.
“No need to worry Kava, she’s already fully developed. You can’t make her go back, and even if she did, the vampiric blood would kill her.” Ather said.
“It wouldn’t matter, she’s dead either way, walking or not.”
“Your affection for her shows in your tone. I can see very clearly through that glass shield you put up. You’re weak. Don’t try to fight it. Your sister’s gone. Accept it now or die for her dead soul.” Ather meant to threaten her. He wanted her to know that Raven is gone and will soon become Ravyn. Kava needed to understand this.
“No matter how much you threaten me with the truth, I’m not leaving here without my sister. Dead or alive. I know I can’t undo what you did, but maybe others can. Your blood is strong but, will it prove to be as rigid as your past?” Kava snapped back.
Ather crouched down and leaned into the bars of the cell so they were almost touching. “Rachael squealed like a pig before I killed her, do you want me to find out if you do the same?” Ather was tired of this mind game to see who will win.
Kava gathered all the saliva in her dry mouth and spit it in his face.
“So you have chosen death.” He got up and stepped back. “Good bye, Kava, for the rest of the living world will miss you.” Ather walked away towards the stairs. He opened the heavy steel door and closed it with a thud behind him. That was the last sound Kava heard from the living world.
“Like your apart of it.” She muttered. He probably heard that but, it was better than saying it to his face. Kava moved with agony to her ears as the rusty metal scrapped against the stone floor.
I heard that. Ather projected his thought into Kava’s drowsy head. Kava heard his voice very faint in her mind. She was displeased to hear it so soon. Kava threw her walls up (as best they could hold) but she still felt Ather’s mind draw at hers.
Soon enough, his mind began to leave Kava’s as she drifted off into an uncomfortable sleep.

Raven had awoken at the time of Ather’s coming upstairs. She made her way downstairs to find Ather lounging on the couch. She admired how beautiful he really was just for a second or two. Then, Ather noticed Raven watching him and he began to speak.
“It’s a good thing your up.” Ather said after he closed his eyes.
“What time is it?” She said as she moved to the door way.
“About four o’clock. Why?” He sat up and swung his knees over the side of the couch to hunch over them on his elbows. Ather rested his head in his hands and rubbed his eyes.
“You look like hell.” Raven said bluntly as she leaned against the door way.
“Oh, gee, thanks. Good afternoon to you too.”
Raven chuckled. “So, why is it good that I’m up?”
“Well, we’ve got a lot of things to do tonight.” Ather stayed in the position he was in finding it very comfortable although he was muttering in-between his fingers.
“It’s not even sunset.” Raven argued.
“We have to go to the Council. They need to see you. After that, we’re going to Las Noche. And I would like to spend some time with you.” Ather took his hands out of his head to say that much. Soon enough, it was back down.
“You need to feed and get some rest before you start worrying about anybody else. Okay?” Raven walked over to him and sat down next to him. The deep red of her bathrobe blended in with the couch but her pale skin clashed.
“Yes, mother.” Ather chuckled. “Who made you boss?” He looked up at her. The faint color of her legs didn’t belong in the red robe as the robe didn’t belong on her.
“Now, don’t use that tone of voice with me, son.” Raven looked straight in Ather’s eyes and saw something she thought she’d never see; contentment. Delighted in her discovery she smiled.
“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Ather couldn’t help but smile back.
Raven looked away; down to the floor although she thought Ather was a much prettier target.
“No, I didn’t mean that in a bad way.” Ather said trying to get her attention back. Raven looked up at him again though she had lost her smile.
“Then what do you mean?”
“I mean,” Ather gazed into her eyes, he couldn’t tear himself away. “I meant,”
“Yes?” Raven was eager to find out what he had to say if he could get beyond the ‘ I meant,’ part.
Ather gently stroked his fingers across her cheek to her neck leading down her shoulder. All the way down her arm to which he met her smooth hand.
“You meant what?” Raven said no louder than a whisper while leaning in closer to his lips.
“I,” Ather intertwined his fingers with hers as she brought her hand up to shoulder height. His hand was perfectly fit amid her fingers. Closer and closer Raven leaned in. He titled his head perfectly for her lips to rest on his. Slowly he moved his hand to her shoulder sliding off part of the robe to bare her soft back and then up again. Finally, their lips gently touched and again, more aggressive.
“Ah ham.” Both quickly pulled away to find Premetheis standing beyond the table in front of them. Raven frantically pulled up her robe. “Excuse me.” Premetheis continued but, no less polite.
Raven got up and smoothed out her robe. “Um, I’ll be, cleaning the spoiled food up in the kitchen if anyone needs me.” With that, she walked out with her head up and standing tall. Once she took four steps she tripped over her own feet. She got up and kept on walking like no one saw that.

Ather chuckled at the sight of Raven trip, even Premetheis smiled. Premetheis’ attention turned back to Ather who was gazing after Raven.
“Master.” Premetheis said louder hoping to get his concentration back.
Ather wiped his head back to Premetheis. “Yes?”
“Jechiziah was looking for you at Las Noche. She told me to tell you to come to her apartment nine o’clock sharp and to bring Raven.” He turned to sit down on the chair across from him.
“Oh really, why didn’t she come here?” Ather sat back into the couch.
“I don’t know exactly. She was busy to tell me.”
“Great, that’s all I need. She’s going to give Raven a hard time tonight when she goes.” He was immediately uncomfortable so he resumed his earlier position.
“So you are going to take her.” Premetheis questioned.
“Yea, I really don’t have a choice.” Ather murmured through his fingers once again.
“That was thinking?” Premetheis pointed towards to kitchen door referring to Raven.
“No, not exactly, did it look like it?” Ather chuckled as he took his head out of his hands. He leaned back on the couch but didn’t find it any more comfortable than it was before.
He laughed quietly avoiding the answer to that question. “You’re fidgety. Why?” Premetheis knew that answer to that question but Ather tried to evade it. Ather rubbed his eyes with both hands as he sat up. “When was the last time you slept? Oh yea, sorry for not being here at all yesterday. I stayed in the hotel next to Las Noche. I thought you would want to be alone with Raven.”
“About three days ago. That’s alright; you can do that any time you want. It’s just been so hectic around here, I didn’t get time.” Ather continued to rub his eyes just for the sensation of moving.
“When was the last time you fed? You look so pasty- or least whiter than normal.” Premetheis said with hopeful intentions.
“Yesterday, I think. But, I can’t go now. I’ve got to take Raven to Jechiziah’s. And then the Council wants to see her. Then, Las Noche. I’ve got too many things to do.” Ather realized he was whining. He stopped immediately.
“Look, it’s only four thirty. Jechiziah probably won’t be up by eight considering the time she went to bed which was probably an hour ago. You got time to sleep then. The Council doesn’t start ’till midnight and they have other things to address before Raven. Las Noche doesn’t close so, I highly doubt that’ll be a problem.”
Ather sighed.
“Here’s how I see it; either you go to feed on your will or make me force you too. If you over sleep, I’ll bring Raven to all those places and then you can track us when you wake. If Jechiziah wants to see you personally, then I’ll deal with her. And if she presses me about it, I’ll call you. Okay?” Premetheis persisted on changing Ather’s mind.
“Alright, I’ll go to hunt. But, you and Raven better be here still when I return. Then, I will sleep. I’m keeping you to your word that you will take her and will call me if anything happens. If anything happens to her, I’m blaming you first.” Ather looked Premetheis straight in the eye.
“You love her don’t you?” Premetheis smirked.
“I trust you.” He was gone. Premetheis leaned back in the chair and laughed quietly to himself. He saw right through Ather’s decision not to answer. Raven was beautiful though. Her long black hair, pale skin, cold black eyes, who wouldn’t want her? Speaking of which; Raven pushed open the door to the hall way and began to walk towards the stairs. She glanced Premetheis’ way.
“Where’d he go?” She paused to notice Ather was gone.
“Hunting, and after that he is going to go to sleep. I’ll take you tonight, is that okay with you?” Premetheis said.
“Yes, yes, of course. I’m going to take a shower.” Raven ran up the steps with sudden burst of energy. She was close to galloping up them but slowed down towards the top. She paused. Premetheis got up and walked to the bottom of the stairs. He looked up at Raven to see her standing at the top looking right then left then right and left again.
“To the right.” Premetheis said understanding her confusion.
“Ah, yes, I remember.” She then proceeded to walk towards the bathroom door down the right hallway. Premetheis chuckled to himself as he was walking to the kitchen door. He opened it to find everything spotless and clean. It amazed him how she got everything clean in about ten minutes. He pulled out a chair and sat. With nothing to do he gazed into the royal blue counter top and drifted off into oblivion.

Raven got out of the shower in less than 10 min. She realized she didn’t have to take a shower any more but she did it out of habit. She was human for 16 years after all. Raven walked to her room which was the only place she has memorized as of now, besides the kitchen and living room. She opened her closet door looking for something to wear for tonight. Nothing. She has nothing. Raven looked about the clothes on her floor and found one pair of jeans, one pair of leather pants, a sweatshirt, and a tank top. All of which were black. What a wardrobe. Raven thought.
What time is it? Damn, I don’t have a clock. She thought to herself.
It’s around five o’clock. Ather had heard Raven’s thoughts and answered them for her.
Thanks, when did you get home? Raven projected to his mind.
“About the same time you got out of the shower.” Raven spun around catching her towel as it almost fell.
“Do you always do that?” Raven asked with a smile.
“No, not always but for you I can make an exception.” Ather picked up the robe from the bed and handed it to her. As soon as she accepted it Ather turned around to face the black wall.
“Thanks,” Raven said while she slipped on her robe. “I don’t really have any clothes for tonight.”
“Raven, it’s nothing special. You’re going to met Jechiziah; she could care less what you look like.” Ather turned around to look at Raven.
“I know but, still, I care what I look like.” Raven plopped herself on her bed.
“You’ll always look good no matter what you wear. And besides, it’s only five. You’ve got plenty of time to decide. Even if it comes to going to the mall.” Ather smiled at her hinting that she should go.
“You’re always full of ideas aren’t you? I would go but I’m not sure if I can access my account.” Raven’s face brightened a little when the mall was mentioned.
“Don’t worry about it. I already drained your account and closed it. Your money is in another account under the name of Rain Stage. All your money is accessible.” Ather stated.
“Rain? Where did you come up with that?” Raven said jokingly but Ather kept a serious face.
“It was my mother’s name.” Ather looked at the floor.
“Oh, I was just kidding.” Raven felt horrible for making that joke.
“I know, its okay.” Ather looked back at Raven and smiled hoping to lighten her sprits.
“What’s the pin?” Raven still felt bad but she tried to avoid it.
“Everything is with Premetheis. Just ask him for it. I’m going to go to bed now and I hope I’ll wake up before you leave. If not, I wish you good luck.” Ather said while standing up. Raven stood up with him.
“Thank you.” Raven said but Ather was not pleased. Her voice had a tint of doubt.
“Don’t worry,” Ather held her by her shoulders, and kissed her forehead. “You’ll do fine.” Ather looked into her eyes with all the support he could give. She smiled at him. “Oh and don’t forget to feed before you go, to Jechiziah’s that is.” He blinked to his room where he took his shirt and pants off in a hurry before he flopped onto his bed.

Raven dried her body thoroughly before she picked up her jeans. She tugged on her jeans and the tank top was especially hard to get on because of its tiny size. The sweat shirt went around her waist. Raven looked in the mirror noticing that her hair was not brushed. She looked frantically around for a brush but couldn’t find one. I should make a list of all the things I need just to make sure I don’t forget anything. She thought. Moments later, that’s exactly what she was doing.
When she was done she proceeded down stairs to talk with Premetheis about her account. She managed to brush her hair with her fingers making it look halfway decent. Raven walked into the living room only to find it empty and then soon made her way into the kitchen.
“Yes?” Premetheis asked before she even opened to door wide enough to step in. She continued to walk towards him but then rounded him to sit next to him.
“I wanted to talk to you about my account.” Raven said too cheerfully for Premetheis’ likings.
“Right, here’s all your paper work, which you don’t need to keep.” He handed Raven an envelope. As soon as she took it, she blinked upstairs to her room where she quickly laid it on her bed. Then, back down stairs she was. Premetheis continued not paying any attention to Raven’s whereabouts. “This is your card,” He handed her the plastic card. “Pin number seven, two, four, six. It represents ‘Rain’ so you don’t forget it. You have exactly 80 thousand in your account to which I assume will be about a thousand less by nine o’clock tonight. Am I correct?”
“Very.” Raven stated factually.
“Alright then, that’s it. Be back here by eight thirty, meaning you have three and a half hours. These are not my rules, they are Ather’s. If you are not back by then, I will come and find you. If you make me do that, I will not be mad but, I will not enjoy it. We have to leave by nine sharp. There is one place where I need you to go. Find a weapon store. Anywhere. You need a hand knife.”
“Why?” Raved asked barley listening to him.
“You need a weapon of your own. One that marks you. It can’t be a regular knife. Get a Greek one, but make sure you know what it is. Oh and if you’re going to do that, make sure it’s not Echidna, the Greek mother of all monsters. That’s Jechiziah’s. That’s all the requirements so far. Have fun too.”
“Do I need any ID to buy the knife?” Raven asked currently paying attention.
“No, if you do, give him your bank card and say, you don’t drive.” Premetheis already had a plan for everything.
“Thanks. I will see you later.” Seconds later she was gone.

Raven had arrived in a bath room stall of a local mall. She checked the mirror and vowed the first thing she was getting was a brush. She walked out and was on her shopping spree. About five minutes later she walked back into the restrooms with a brush. Raven came out looking perfect and proceeded to another store.
Raven came out with two bags full of accessories such as jewelry, undergarments and what not. The next store was full of leather. Raven went in and bought a thousand dollars worth of clothes. So far she had spent one thousand one hundred fifty dollars. She went onward to the next. This one was normal clothes at last. She ended up buying jeans and t-shirts there, another five hundred.
Raven walked around for a while looking at stores she would have gone in if she still alive. At last she had found the store she was looking for. It was called The Club. It sold club clothes, skimpy tops, and tight pants. All her wardrobe would be what she always wanted. She spent at least two thousand in there, about four bags worth. She was finally content in buying clothes. Raven went back into the bathroom, and blinked out of sight.

Premetheis was now in his room watching television when he sensed Raven’s aura. She blinked right into her room at seven thirty. Raven set her bags down onto her bed gently trying not to wake Ather.
How much? Premetheis was curious.
Um, about three thousand six hundred fifty.
Premetheis cursed. What?
I’ll be back soon with the knife. She was gone, good thing too. Premetheis was about to yell at her. It is her money. But still, three thousand? Premetheis thought shaking his head, turning his attention back to the TV.

Raven walked into an antique weaponry hut. She skimmed though whips, daggers, maces and old swords. She finally found the knifes and was browsing through them and their intricate designs. There was a whole shelf full. She glanced at Roman ones, Greek, English and Native American. One caught her eye. It was made out of old darkened wood which was carved as a snake. The blade was pure silver and polished. Its tail binding around the blade where it met the wood, coiling downwards with scales to its cobra head, mouth open and detailed fangs.
“She’s a beauty.” Raven snapped her head up to find the storekeeper watching her from a corner. His deep voice startled her.
“Yes, where’s she from?” Raven asked looking back down at the knife.
The big man got up from his chair and made his way towards Raven. “Well, they say she was made in old Iceland and used by the Vikings. She was found upon a Scandinavian beach sixty years ago. They call her Vampire of a Thousand years. I just polished her blade about two years ago and stayed that way ever since.” The man was now taking it out of the glass case and handing it to Raven. She was expecting it to be heavier than it actually was.
“Why do they call her Vampire of a Thousand Years?” Raven asked looking amazingly at the knife. She was examining the fine detailing with awe. She whipped it across the air to hear the swift noise of her sharp slice.
“Vikings told Eddas or tales to worship their many deities. One told the tale of a man who lived a thousand years and did many great things. Supposedly, he made this knife and gave it to his son when he was slain. Many Vikings believed that this man was the only vampire, so his knife was cherished and named after him.” He had stopped to add effect to the story.
“When was it carved? This wood looks and feels like cork wood. How could it possibly come from Iceland?” Raven was curious to find out how much this man knew about this knife.
“Back then, Iceland was much greener than it is now. Although, it had harsh winters and that was the only kind of tree that could survive the harsh climate. When the vampire died he was on a voyage to Scandinavia and was the first one killed. His son had dropped it in the ocean on his way back as a symbol of letting go of his father. The salty water aged the wood, until it washed up on shore about a hundred years ago but wasn’t found until about sixty years ago. Or so the story goes.” The man passed Raven’s test with flying colors.
“I’ll take it.” Raven placed the knife back on the counter.
“I hate to see her go. First, I want to know what you need it for. Then if it’s a good reason, I’ll sell her to you.” The man was cautious about his business.
“I have a collection of antique weapons. I have everything but a hand knife. I didn’t want a regular hand knife. No, I wanted a story to wonder about and I found her. I looked everywhere for something such as this. I asked around town and heard of your little place. I knew as soon as I saw it, this was the place. Is that god enough?” Raven exaggerated more than she would have liked.
“Sure is. What are you willing to pay?” The man took the knife from the countertop and looked at the price tag on the bottom.
“Anything you want.” That wasn’t a lie.
“Here it says six hundred but, I’m not sure if a fine lady like yourself is willing to pay that much.” He was waiting for a haggle but he wasn’t going to get one.
“Six hundred is fine. Can I pay debit?” Raven already had her card in her hand.
“Nope, sorry. I haven’t had enough time to buy one of them things. Would it be alright if you paid cash?” He had a hopeful look on his face. Raven just couldn’t refuse.
Luckily, she always carried one thousand with her, just in case of emergencies. She doesn’t know why, but she does. “Sure, that’s fine.” Raven took out six hundreds from the pocket of her jeans. She handed it over to the man who gazed at it greedily.
“Would you like a holder for her? Brown leather just came in yesterday.” The man offered. “It would only be one hundred because you’re buying a weapon for it.”
“Can I see it?” Raven was anxious to see such a deal. “What’s your name? If you don’t mind me asking.”
“Alexander Price,” He said before he bent over to retrieve the holder under the counter. “Here you are. Brand new. Made in Indonesia.” Alex leaned on the glass top with his big elbow. He was wearing a barn yard print shirt with a stained white tank underneath. His jeans were not only ripped but stained with grass and maybe mud. He wore a bandana atop his bald head. Alexander’s tongue and eyebrow were pierced, along with both ears and his nose. Raven didn’t like this man.
“Wow,” Raven took the holder from his greasy hands. It was dark brown leather with light brown stitching. It would wrap around one shoulder stretching across her back to the other where the knife sheath is. It would be easily concealed if she did not wear a tank top, which could be a problem. “Do you have anything less, big? I mean, say if I wanted to wear a tank top with this, it would be easily shown.” Raven showed Alex her thinking.
“As a matter of fact, this strap right here,” He took the holder from Raven showing her the strap opposite the sheath. “It comes off if you know how to sew. Then, you can buy the connector piece,” Alex goes back under the desk to retrieve it. He comes back up with this loop of leather, continuing. “That can go on here,” Alex speaks while he’s demonstrating, “strapping it around your waist.”
“Oh,” Raven thought about it for a split second. “How much would it cost all together?”
“The blade six hundred; the regular holder one hundred; the connector piece seventy-five.” Alex paused to think while Raven came up with the conclusion that he wasn’t educated very well and probably found the story out by the seller he bought it from.
“Seven hundred seventy-five.” Raven helped.
“Yes, that’s it.”
“I’ll buy all of it.” Raven made up her mind without thinking about the consequences. She handed him eight hundred dollars. Raven took her knife and sheath and began to walk out. “Keep the change.”
“All of it? Ma’am?” Alex looked about the store for her but he wouldn’t find her. She was out the door; around the corner and long gone before he even registered what she had said.

Raven appeared in front of Premetheis moments later. He was still in his room watching TV from when she last got home. His eyes were closed signaling he fell asleep. Raven tried to sneak past him to shut the TV off but, she didn’t succeed.
“You just made it. Eight twenty-five. Let me see what kind of knife you got.” Premetheis still lay on his bed with his eyes closed when Raven tossed the knife next to him.
“There, that cost me eight hundred,” Premetheis’ eyes opened. “With the sheath that is.” He picked up the knife and was surprised by the weight of the weapon.
“What’s her story?” Premetheis asked as he was fascinated by the cobra head.
“She’s from Iceland, found in Scandinavia.” She was like a broken record, repeating what Alex had told her. “Her name is Vampire of a Thousand Years. She was used by a famous Viking said to have lived a thousand years. He was slain on a voyage to Scandinavia, giving this knife he had made to his son who through it into the ocean as a sign of gratitude on his way back. The salty water aged the wood until it washed up on a Scandinavian shore about a hundred years ago but wasn’t found until forty years later. The blade was just polished about two years ago and stayed that way ever since.” Raven was tired of hearing that again and would probably later repeat it for Ather.
“Perfect,” He handed it back to her trading it for the sheath. “You got this too? Why?” Premetheis tested it, to see how breakable it was.
“It caught my attention. And besides, I could use a new one.” Raven stated.
“Oh,” He offered it back to her and she gracefully took it. “Did you feed yet? Ather woke up to remind me to remember to remind you that, you need to feed.”
“I’ll go do that now.” Raven was soon gone to her room and then disappeared to feed.

Premetheis shut the TV off and wondered into Raven’s room. Her floor next to her bed was covered in bags. The knife lay on her bed just waiting for her to return.
Some dirty clothes were about her floor, and some new ones were next to them. I’m surprised she hasn’t spent all her money on clothes. Premetheis thought as he closed the door and blinked downstairs to the comfy red couch.

Raven returned to find Premetheis asleep on the couch and Ather having a reckless sleep in his bed. He was tossing and turning. She didn’t know why because Brujah’s don’t dream. Raven tiptoed to her room even though she could have blinked there making much less noise but it was also much less fun.
Raven’s new clock read eight forty as she unloaded the last of her clothes. She hung them all up and sorted them. Most of her wardrobe was black. Everything she had just bought, most of it, was black. Raven stood in front of her dream wardrobe and picked out what she was going to wear.
By nine o’clock she was wearing exactly what she wanted and was very content with it. Her pants were of thin leather, not too tight because she needed to move a little, and a gold top that sung low at her neck and tied upper back, middle back and lower back that showed off her body. Raven’s pale skin went perfectly with the top and she was very pleased with the way she looked tonight. She had no where to put her knife because she didn’t have enough time to do the sewing; she just carried it. Her silk black hair was pinned up with chopsticks which she planned on taking out.
Raven came out of her room at exactly eight fifty-nine. By the time she got down the stairs it was nine. Premetheis was waiting for her at the front door, right across from the steps. His mouth dropped when Raven slowly came down the stairs for dramatic effect.
“Aren’t you glad I went shopping?” Raven chuckled as she saw Premetheis close his mouth.
“Shall we?” Premetheis put his hand out.
Raven refused to take it. “After you.” Premetheis got the message that she’d rather show up alone. He blinked to Jechiziah’s night club and within seconds, Raven appeared right beside him.
“Are you ready?” Premetheis spoke over the music.
“What?” Raven screamed back.
Are you ready? Premetheis thought.
Ready than I’ll ever be. She thought back.
You’ll do fine. Let’s go. Premetheis pointed at his watch. She’s waiting.
Raven lead the way to the door in the back of the club. She opened it gracefully and looked back at Premetheis, signaling him to go first. He took the first step onto the stairs leading to her apartment. When they reached the top, Premetheis went in and closed the door behind him. Raven waited a couple of minutes before she was told to come in. The door was heavy and cold but, she was greeted by the same darkness she always loved.

Kava relieved herself of her restless sleep. She moved with distress trying not to make so much noise. She stretched her mind as far as it could reach to detect vampiric power. She channeled her little energy for obligation. Kava focused all her will and mind power to find all the vampires with in the house. Her witchcraft barely grasped outside of the house.
“Hashibethi” Kava whispered. It meant life in the witch’s language, Langhorn; originating from Russia. She stood up raising her power over the top of the house. More power had returned to her blood with the spoken word of her native tongue.
“Hashibethi” She said louder hoping it would widen her horizon. It did nothing.
She sat back down in a meditative position and hummed. The words of a spell for more life from the earth ran throughout her head as she hummed every syllable. Although she didn’t have the materials she needed to completely perform the spell correctly, she hoped it would still drain some energy out of the earth.
Kava sat there for about an hour. She hummed her words with both palms pinned to the masonry rocking back and forth. Slowly but eventually, a small Asian tree wilted and soon died.

By DeamOn

I live in the dark... that's 'bout it.