Shadows of the Dark

“So you what?” Jechiziah was growing impatient. “I’ve had enough of you Gabriel, and your pathetic problems. You’ve driven me to the point where I just don’t care anymore. Leave and don’t come back for a while.”
Gabriel blinked out of sight upon hearing Jechiziah’s threat, yet, he managed to sneak in one more glare at Ather before he disappeared.

“I thought this was a christen club? It has a christen name, does it not?” Ather said, hoping that Jechiziah would not be too mad at him.
“HA! Christen? This place is anything but the holy ground of God’s trusting word. That’s why I named it Lutheran.” Jechiziah said while falling back into her bed. “It is good to see you again though, even under the circumstances that brought you here.”
“I bet Klisthen came complaining to you.” Ather said
“Good guess,” Jechiziah chuckled “when doesn’t she come complaining to me? She never stops.”
“Klisthen came to my home,” Ather stated seriously.
“I know. I sent her there.” Jechiziah sat up hearing the tone of Ather’s voice.
“Why? Don’t trust me?” Ather thought a chuckle would tone things up a bit considering how Jechiziah sat up when he made that comment.
“No, it’s not that exactly. I just wanted you to realize what you did. Raven created uproar in the Council. What were you thinking anyway? Have I taught you nothing?” Jechiziah said with disapproval.
“I was thinking in my state of mine that I usually do. Is it so hard to accept the fact that she can be a vampire?” This probably wasn’t the best thing to say while Jechiziah was in this mood. The mood where you can’t really tell if she’s angry or neutral. Jechiziah is rarely happy.
“Yes, Ather, it is. She was a vampire hunter. Now, she’s a vampire. She has changed, don’t you see that?” Ather slouched further down in the velvet chair.
“I do, but wonder if the Council does. From what Klisthen told me, you’re hiding her sister in the basement. You threatened to kill her, and you don’t think that this is any problem.” Jechiziah didn’t seem happy at all to hear this news. Klisthen probably exaggerated to get Ather in more trouble.
“Which is the one you don’t agree with the most?” Ather said
“All of the above,” Jechiziah chuckled, not that this was a joking matter. “You can’t do that, Ather. You just can’t.”
“Why can’t I?”
“Did you once think about the consequences that this might bring you? Or were you too blinded by your feelings?”
“Both, really. I mean I considered what might happen and consulted with Premetheis—“
“Premetheis, that fool. Why do you even keep him around? He’s a waste of space and of your time.”
“He has been loyal to me. That is a rare quality to find in a vampire these days, no matter how strong he is.”
“I don’t call that loyalty; I call that sucking-up. You have him eating out of the palm of your hand.”
“Like you have Gabriel?” Ather smirked. He knew that Jechiziah wouldn’t appreciate that comment, thus giving him a good reason to make it clearly stated.
“That was totally uncalled for. Witty comments like that are going to get your beloved Raven killed when she is brought upon the Council.”
“You know for sure that they are going to send for her?”
“I was the one who suggested it. Fala disagreed with everything that I said and insisted that we diminish her immediately. Alera didn’t want anything to do with this matter and Kameron wasn’t able to make it. Mayhen backed me up, as well as Tazil. Siete wasn’t able to get a word in-between the arguments. All in all, it was a complete disaster.” Jechiziah rubbed her temples remembering the biggest headache she ever had, caused by Ather.
“I’ve always been trying to figure out why I’m the Trouble-maker, tonight; my question has finally been answered.” Ather stood up and stretched, sitting back down when Jechiziah began to speak.
“You always get me in trouble. Sometimes, I wonder if changing you was a mistake.” Jechiziah joked.
“Couldn’t have been. I completely disagree.” Ather got up and stretched again not satisfying the need for movement. He was hoping that Jechiziah would feel the need to move as well, but sadly that hope was demolished when she laid there for 20 minutes in complete silence.
Jechiziah sighs.
“If you don’t mind, I’m going to retreat to my home. Raven should be rising soon and I wouldn’t want her to get attacked. If you need me just stop by. Jechiziah?” Ather stood up and proceeded to the door.
“Yes?” Jechiziah mumbled
“Why don’t you come by later? If all is fair, then you should at least meet her before you form your opinion. You can even examine her if you desire too.” Ather left before Jechiziah had time to answer the proposal. He left through the door like normal people. His stretches didn’t wither away the urge to move so he took the long way home. He stopped by a dark alley to feed, by dusk, he was nearly home and sensed Raven’s waking mind; foggy but still awake.

Not much but still more…

By DeamOn

I live in the dark... that's 'bout it.