Shadows of the Dark

Raven was sleeping in a room that was exactly like Ather’s. Raven rose with such energy that it was overwhelming and gave her a headache.

She stepped out of the bed and stretched. She expected to wake up as she usually wakes up, still sleeping, lethargic, eyes closed, but she didn’t, she awoken with energy beyond her control. Raven wasn’t used to this yet. Although, Raven still rose in the morning and not at night when other vampires do, like Ather. She reached over in the pitch black room and laid her hand on her robe. Raven was surprised by the accuracy of a vampire’s eyesight.
She then proceeded downstairs for no apparent reason. She wasn’t going down there to eat food because she didn’t need to. She wasn’t going down there to get a cup of coffee because she didn’t need it. This was all so strange to her but going downstairs after she awoke was a habit.
Raven was startled to see Ather and Premetheis speaking over a table filled with food. Her eyes widened with the sight of the delicious food. Ather had sensed Raven behind his back before she even said a word he welcomed her into the kitchen.
“Raven, so glad to see your up. Premethis and I were just speaking of you.” Ather seemed as if nothing had ever changed. It irritated Raven, not enough to start something with Ather. She knew that two vampires fighting were dangerous but starting a fight with a blood relation to you, it just a bad idea.
“Yeah, what’s all this food for? You know that none of us in this room can eat it.” Raven sat down in the only empty chair left.
“It’s not the fact that we can’t eat it, we can. Vampires like you, just don’t need to. There’s a difference.” Ather pulled a plate from the side of the table and offered Raven one. She accepted gratefully.
“So wait, we can eat it but we just don’t have to?” Raven already had some food on her plate.
“Yes, Ather taught me the same thing when I was young.” Premethis said before he took a bite of a bacon omelet. The food look good but Raven was still confused about why she had to eat.
“Why do we have to eat it then? What lesson can this possibly teach?” Raven took a bagel and poured herself some milk.
“You’ll find out sooner or later but now we must eat. I spent my own money on this food, I hope that you eat it and enjoy it.” Ather took the milk and poured himself a cup.

Kava stepped up to the front door and looked around. The house had no door bell and no house number. Boy, she thought, someone really doesn’t want anybody to find this house. Kava peered through in window only to see what looked like a regular home. Chairs, couches, tables, colors, everything that her house has. A little strange for a vampire, Kava thought.
Kava stepped down off the porch and began to walk around the side of the house. It was overwhelmed with shrubs of all kind. No one had trimmed them in years, she estimated. Kava proceeded to the back of the house to find something she could use to get in the house.

Premethis paused in eating his food and looked up. Raven and Ather could tell that he sense something.
“What is it Premethis?” Ather put his fork down and stared intensively at Premethis.
“Something’s not right here. I can feel it.” He put his fork down and began to stand up. Premethis looked around wildly as he searched for the mistake of the tranquility.
“Master, I believe that a vampire hunter has entered our home. She attacked me a couple years back and wounded me. I can feel her presence.”

Kava found a latter of some sort and leaned it against the house. It stopped short of a windowsill. She could find nothing else so this will do. Kava began to climb trying to be careful not to make too much noise. She finally reached the top. The window was open, she wasn’t expecting that. Kava grabbed onto the ledge and pulled herself up just enough to peer into the window. She glanced around and found nothing in her sights. Kava then hoisted herself up and landed gently on her feet.
The carpet was smooth which assisted in the ease of the landing.

By DeamOn

I live in the dark... that's 'bout it.