Shadows of the Dark

Kava was driving down Route 1 on her way to a vampire’s house that she had confrontations with in the past. Even if Raven was there how could Kava lure Raven out of the house even if she was changed?

Raven might not even remember Kava. She heard that’s what happens when vampire hunters are changed. At least that’s what her mother told her. The mystic blue Mercedes pulled up at Ather’s house. Kava made sure all her knifes were in check and then proceeded out of her sports vehicle.

Raven was sleeping in a room that was exactly like Ather’s. Raven rose with such energy that it was overwhelming and gave her a headache. She stepped out of the bed and stretched. She expected to wake up as she usually wakes up, still sleeping, lethargic, eyes closed, but she didn’t, she awoken with energy beyond her control. Raven wasn’t used to this yet. Although, Raven still rose in the morning and not at night when other vampires do, like Ather. She reached over in the pitch black room and laid her hand on her robe. Raven was surprised by the accuracy of a vampire’s eyesight.
She then proceeded downstairs for no apparent reason. She wasn’t going down there to eat food because she didn’t need to. She wasn’t going down there to get a cup of coffee because she didn’t need it. This was all so strange to her but going downstairs after she awoke was a habit.
Raven was startled to see Ather and Premetheis speaking over a table filled with food. Her eyes widened with the sight of the delicious food. Ather had sensed Raven behind his back before she even said a word and welcomed her into the kitchen.

By DeamOn

I live in the dark... that's 'bout it.