Shadows Of the Dark

“Why are you in such a hurry Kava, You’ve got loads of time before work.” Her mother said delightfully while washing the last dish left over from breakfast this morning.

“Well I was hoping that I could go out early and try and find Raven. Did you get any luck last night with the crystal?” Kava sat down at the table just for a minute before going to work.
Her mother was drying her hands and turned around to look at Raven. Tears were forming in her eyes. Raven already knew the answer.
“Look, Mom, I’m sure she’ll turn up somewhere just give it sometime. She has to be on this planet, she can’t just disappear of the face of the world… can she?” Raven was now at her mother’s side offering comfort but Turquoise didn’t accept the offer.
“Yes that can happen. Her vanishing off the face of the earth, have you forgotten? If she was changed then we wouldn’t be able to track her at all. We could just assume that she’s dead and go on with life. That’s what I’m going to resort to if we don’t find her this week ok, Raven?” Her mother whipped the tears off her delicate face and out of the kitchen leaving Raven there all alone to ponder about what her mother just said.
Raven gathered her stuff for work and left out the front door to her car. Raven worked for a publishing company. Reeds publishing company hired her about 2 years ago. Raven was going there to see if they would publish her book that she was working on for a couple of years. They required seeing her resume. They looked at it closely and offered her a job. Before she got this job, she was a computer operator for a small company. At Reeds publishing company, she established the computer network and she deals with any problems her co- workers have with the computers. She got paid fairly well because she didn’t want to quit her other job for this one but they kept on raising her pay and she just couldn’t deny it.

By DeamOn

I live in the dark... that's 'bout it.


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