Shards of Secrets

The girl let the salty tears slither to the floor as she huddled in a ball. Crouched on cold ground, gazing at the pieces of a broken mirror, she sobbed and shuddered. There was knowing that no amount of tears or apologies could make up for the secrets she had let slip her normally silent lips.

Covered in mere gauze of dull spider-web white, she cringed at the shards of reflecting material. Each jagged shard represented something she forgot to keep inside. Every single piece had ripped though her chest because of her stupidity.

In desperation, and with trembling fingers she tried to clutch one piece, but it sliced her. Her secrets refused to come back inside her. A drop of blood fell and mingled now with her puddle of tears and secrets.

And the girl screamed in agony. With delicate hands made for healing, scratched her cheeks and stared with inhuman anger at the sky. Her long dark hair flying around her as the wind picked it up. Such a beautiful creature put through so much because she thought she could trust.

By ChildofDeath

A little gothic girl going to a boarding school.