Shattered Reflection

Drifting thoughout life as if it were nothing more than a dream,

Perhaps a movie where the setting is tragedy and the plot is over-rated, I’m not the acting type, falling futher in my own far away realistic theme,

Please take me away, set me free from this detrimental state-of-mind,

Can’t go on like this, everythings so cold, why won’t it go away……so I can leave this world behind,

Feeling nothing, breathing but yet dead,

Dead inside, I will never place meaning in my life, all the tears shed won’t be justified…..not even by the soothing blade of the knife or all the pain I’ve bled,

Even after your soul has died, your purity and goodness washed away, the pain is still strong, the only thing you can depend on, the only thing that doesn’t lie, doesn’t leave, and never changes,

Close your eyes, see what you want, pretty things, things of class and beauty, now open your eyes, your brought back into the ugliest of caustic destroyers, secrets, lies, hate, betrayal, sorry motivations, addiction,

So sick of this, tried of seeing, tired of feeling, tired of trying, tired of thinking, tired of being, your dreams haunt your sleep but deep inside you can’t resist the vivid images of crucifiction,

The only things you know are wrong, the only things you hate are right, the deepness of your own confusion,

Trapped inside your own mind frame, persuading yourself to believe in the spirtlessness your convinced you can’t control, wishing you could escape from your own disillusion,

Detrimental addictions, decietful gestures, and distorted reality quickly replace what you thought was aesthetic with a minacious, tragic conclusion,

Inconsolable misery, you can’t sedate the things you hate, everything that seems to bring you comfort is nothing more than a synthetic illusion,

Sorrow taunts your eyes, your thoughts portrayed upon the mirror your vision shows is broken, the only desire that still burns is to look into that tainted image and smile at your own concept of perfection,

The only normality you know, looking into an unbroken mirror but yet still staring back at you is a jaded, cracked, and broken reflection.

By Broken_Reflection_Jaded_Image

Known as pessmistic, unfriendly, apathetic, and introverted!