She Cries

She opens her eyes, wearily casting them around the room. Light filters in through a tiny gap in the velvet curtains.

She sighs as she remembers the sound of his heartbeat as she lay against his chest; the deep breathing of sleep, the sigh of dreaming. And she cries. She falls deeper into the soft bed of thought as lazy tendrils of disturbed dust brush against her pale cheeks. She can hear the violin in the background; the screaming waves trembling through the moonlight to her ears. She dances. He has his arms around her thin form, and they sway, alone in the world, but together. He hums softly in her ear, and a tiny smile plays about her lips, not wishing to retreat.

She doesn’t want him to ever let go of her. He doesn’t want to leave her, but knows he must. The stars twinkle above the lovers’ heads, winking in approval of the beauty of their forbidden union. She wants to speak but her heart stops in an instant when she sees tears forming in his emerald eyes. Gently wiping them away, she whispers his name reassuringly. But she cries. The emotion is too strong. They hold each other as the tears fall, intertwining, dancing as the lovers had danced, and then falling away from each other, parting as the lovers must part. Time stands still, and she can feel his breath against her cheek. He kisses the watery trails with a care reserved for fragile, fleeting thoughts; the thoughts of her.

She lays in the soft grass. The scent of violets wafts through the clear, crisp air. She watches, unspeaking, as he casts his eyes to the moon. It is a torture to see him struggling to find the words to say to her. He kneels beside her motionless body and kisses her now closed eyes. He kisses his fingers and touches them to her ruby lips. He lays beside her, staring at the diamond filled sky. She rests her head against his chest and can feel his heartbeat. She cries. With a quiet look, he silences her and stands. She looks away, pain flashing in her sullen eyes; pleading to be released. He gently kisses her hand and ratreats into the darkness, turning to whisper her name. He is bathed in moonlight, and the doves flitting through the trees hush his silent screams. He says he will return, but she feels he wont…

She rests her head in her hands and cries in agony, the mournful sound ringing in the silence. The violin’s screams had ceased. Slowly, she steps through the dewy grass, clutching a violet to her heart. The flower is dropped on the stone stairs that lead to her room and is forgotten. In the darkness she rests her head on the pillow that smells of violets. Her hais is flayed about wildly. She touches her lips; the lips he so gently kissed. She cries, and closes her weary eyes.

…Visions of a dead lover come at night and haunt by day; a symbol of forbidden love between mortal and spectre.

By FlameDance

In all things beautiful, there is a darkness...a darkness that breathes and speaks. A Darkness that comforts.


  1. That made me sad… Beautiful imagery.

    I hate to add this, but I must… “She lays in the soft grass.” When the verb of that sentence is used by a PERSON receiving the object, the correct verb usage would be *to lie*. — “She lies in the soft grass.”

    In contrast, the verb *to lay* is used by OBJECTS receiving the action… i.e. “She lays the newspaper on the table.” Just a helpful hint to all who read. Not many remember this from first year high school 🙂 To lay = object To lie = person

    Did this all make sense? 😀

    Note* The past tense form of *to lie* is not lied… ‘Tis laid… (Yesterday, she laid in the soft grass.) So much to remember! And never to forget “She has lain in the grass for hours.” 😀

    P.S. Wonderful piece ++

  2. Yes!

    I knew that’s what it was. *laugh* I wrote this three years ago when I was 14 and I posted it here for fun…

    Yes, you’re right, the word should be she “lies”.

    Thankyou for your comments (and your correction)

  3. That was so beautiful . . . I was crying by the end, particularily since I can kind of relate to that.

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