she found peace at last

she looked up at the barren october sky. the clouds that inhabited the sky during the summer days had now long faded away, with memories of happy times. she let one tear drop and watched it dissapear among the dirt and stones on the path. she wanted to just give up. please god, take me now she begged. why am i here only to suffer? she slowly sat on the ground and burried her face in her hands, breaking out and sobbing. the sobs that she had kept in for so long. sobs of distant memories, memories that could never be repeated. she knew that he would not be back. the scribbled note left to her was written in haste, he was gone. she had loved him, and he had told her he loved her back, but he lied, he left with any slut that came along. she wouldnt give herself to him, so he got angry. she screamed WHY!? WHY DO YOU MOCK ME GOD!? her only answer was the wind blowing through her hair, her long hair that she used to care so much about. she used to be vain, used to care about what she looked like, used to spend hours maticulously grooming herself for him. used to…that was the point. she used to have feelings, now her heart was numb and she no longer knew how to love. she looked at her long black hair that was cascading over her shoulders. she whipped out her knife and started to saw her hair off, leaving it at different lengths and uneven. she looked at the black pile lying on the path and spit on it. she stabbed it. “thats for everything you did to me you bastard!” she screamed. she stabbed again, this time the knife sticking in the ground. “THATS FOR LEAVING ME ALONE” she broke down in wrenching sobs and lied there for what seemed like eternity. she looked up at the sky once more, THIS IS FOR YOU GOD! THIS IS FOR TAKING HIM AWAY FROM ME! as she plunged the knife into her chest and collapsed, she smiled. for the first time in a long time, she smiled. and as deaths shadow slowly enveloped her, she thought peace.