She Is Now Forever Mine

She is walking down the darkened street as the lamps flicker on and off and all is quiet.I am hiding in the shadows behind the bushes,my black cloak hiding me from sight. I see her,her raven black hair cascading down her back just below her slender waist,her icy pool of crystal blue eyes. She walks past…..and I come out and grab her from behind. She has no time to make a sound,I clamp my hand down onto her blood red lips,I see the fear in her eyes as I take her into the night,and I ravage her. She is so beautiful,so beautiful. She is warm and her porclein white skin is smooth and gentle,her neck smells so good,her blood is warm,flowing,and innocent. I bare my fangs,bite down,and start to feed,as she drifts into unconciousness.She is now forever mine.

By BeautifullyTwizted

I'm 14 years old. Everyone at my school thinks I'm a freak,maybe I am. I am intrigued by Death and I write short stories and poetry about homicide and suicide. Only in Darkness do I find the Beauty,because only in Darkness does Beauty live.