She walked away

She came into my life
Enraptured my soul like a flame
and then she walked away

We loved, we danced
We talked of the future as if is was now
Our love grew and grew

I did all in my power to make her happy
She was my deity, my Valhallian Goddess
and then she walked away

Oh how I bled for her
these scars on my arms and chest
they were nothing to the pain in my heart

So it came one day, in the midst of one night
I stumbled upon her in a dark alley
and she tried to walk away

And as I reached into my jacket
visions of her bleeding on the cold ground
a ground almost as cold as her heart

The knife came out, and into her chest
and as she lay dead, blood pooling around her corpse
It was then that I walked away

By gothagogue

Greetings to the underworld, just here to make my presence known