SHIN GODZILLA American trailer

Do I post too often about Godzilla on this site? Is such a thing even possible? Can one HAVE too much Godzilla in his/her life? I think not. Even so, I will nae post anything Godzilla-related again until I am able to submit my review of the new ToHo film, SHIN GOJIRA, aka NEW GOJIRA, aka SHIN GODZILLA, aka NEW GODZILLA, aka GODZILLA RESURGENCE. (Much as is the case with Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE, aka ZOMBI, aka ZOMBI 2, I predict this is gonna be a point of confusion in later years. Movies only need ONE title, two at the most.) Fortunately I will be able to do just that—post a review, that is—when SHIN GODZILLA gets its limited American theatrical run next month, October 11th through the 18th. As it stands right now, the closest theater to where I live that will be showing the movie is about an hour-and-a-half drive away. Barring all else, I’ll make that drive—that should go without saying; hey, I wonder if I can write the gas money off on my taxes?—but I’m hoping that a theater closer to home gets added to the list of those where the movie will be playing.

See the new American trailer at the source link below. It looks SO good.


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