Shoot, cut&win tha stars

I am fighting a lost battle, what for? anyway I will not get over life neither suffer…
Have you ever tried to stop this?

I have been dreaming ’bout it and captured me into dare.
I started to understand the paradox of existence, what my life becomes today, words lost means for me, souls gained weakness… I am corrupted.
Maybe they would not be this powerful if I start to believe not listen, not to myself.
Am I too tendenced? double means which I actually don’t care, another time will come we know, I do not belong here.
Force ain’t helpful when it comes to stand, it was for my yesterday, perhaps today if there is.
The echoes of whispering talks, good lord whenever you reply. The ability of self control has gone, what is left is what you don’t need.
May this be the only chance to survive?
What are you scared of?
Determinate the facts ruining your stance, move from where you are when replaced. It takes its ways to nowhere, in destruction is where ashes are made.
That would be sardonic for me too, it was meant to be.
Ran out of memories, today is gone and tomorrow is away, do I have something to worry? the growth of hate has begun, i know cause I feel it in.
Chronics of decayed bodies are from whose names were forgotten. Fools are you all, will ever take please for an answer because you are chained to this little shit your being is, you will not let it know.
When you wonder, is there such a thing as soul, I know there is ‘cause it hurts so I think ‘bout suicide and I hope he could get out.

By Freaker Girl

i wish i die young so i dont have to stand this shit for long time