Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Your lies tainted me as
Your words ruined me
Remember the question we
Asked God?
What is there after death?
How about you go and find out?

Crystal, crystal…I see
I see you choking in your own
Blood as I stab your eyeballs out

Remember the question I
Asked you?
What’s the color of your
Let me see…
Pulling your heart out of
Your chest as your blood
Bursts out
Damn you damned one!
You have dirtied my dress
Now you’ve made me mad
Bad boys should be punished

How about a badly
Done circumcision, I
Apologize for not going
To a medical school
Oops! It off, I really
Didn’t mean to cut it that
Far. Forgive me baby
Tell me to stop now…!
Why don’t you diss me

Dats alrite baby, mammy still
Loves you