Show time

The colour is changing
The poison self-destruct
i stay away from politics
freedom isn’t in the city
it can’t continue that way

i’ll have to get up one of these days
in a good mood
and go get what is mine
a simple lifestyle a
BIG lifestyle for everybody
it’s not so hard to understand
understand that nothing lasts forever
even love
especially love
cause love is fragile
like my mother’s pantyhose
like an horny wink
like an alcool promise
i swear my love
i love you for tonight and i’ve
always lived in reality
when i sell myself
between his legs and i’ve
never been afraid to talk but
tonight i don’t have to wash my hands
we better forget this
nothing happened
you didn’t hear a word
music please


blehh. i dunno, ask me if it really bother you.