I don’t get it. What is with some goths and their resentment towards baby goths/baby bats? I have somehow been shunned by the goths in my town for no reason that I can think of. I listen to the same music they do, I don’t insult them, yet they seem to feel I am “unworthy” to be in the scene.

Could it be the fact that I don’t dress exactly like them? Could it be the fact that I don’t think that walking around in 80 degree weather with boots, pants, velvet everything and a cloak(all in black) like they do is smart? I like the same shit they do, but since I’m younger, I don’t seem to fit in somehow. I wear mostly black, but I’m not one to take a look at their style and become a copy. Damn, they’re almost as bad as the rest of society. Any advice?

By Nobody

Just another white girl...