Please shut up. Can’t you see that you are annoying me. Bitch shut the fuck up, you drive me insane, you fuck up my brain, while I am in pain. I don’t get no gain from the torture you cause, can’t you put your mouth on pause. I’d love to torture you the way you do to me. First I’d make sure you couldn’t see. Then I’d tie you up so you couldn’t flee. I’m sorry but this is the way it has to be. I resist the urge to blow your brains to hell. Damn it someone’s ringing the door bell. I ignore it and try not to throw a fit as I imagine you in a pit. I shrug my shoulders and pull the trigger, go figure. Six feet under you will rest, I know you didn’t try to do your best!!

By sexyvampirechick15

I'm a 16 year old gothic girl. I love to write poetry about myself, my friends, the people I hate, school, my parents, and other adults that have met or seen me.