silence girl,perfect girl.

oh my god!! youre special
look at you!! your adorable!
I told you before that I love you?
no,you have never done it…

you wait to much for tell me this
you never told me that all I do was fine,
all my life you make me feel like nothing,
you told me to shut up, cause the girls are not suposse to talk
you told me to hide all I think cause the girls are not suposse to feel, just to be cute and pretty…you kill me when I was suposse to live
now you ask me what’s wrong, now you ask me why I’m
weird, why I never smile, and why I never told you how I the hell you wanna that I told you this when you never let me speak?
how the fuck I’m suposse to tell you that i love you when you were never there?
now you get angry cause i dont trust you, you told me that i can tell you all that i fell, come on! why dont you say that when i was 5?
you were never ever there for me, and now that you are…i have nothing to say… I suposse that I am all that silence pretty girl taht you always wanna… i hope that you be proud now…

By haka

im a mexican girl and i wanna become a writer or a musician i dont know i just wanna let clear that mexicans are something more that the fuckin selena's thing that bitch ruin us all! i love roman dirge jhonen vasquez and hr giger also i love radiohead,tool,a perfect circle,tori amos and all that shit . i hope you like my writting and let me post more and more i just wanna see my work in another place that my notebooks so...please say something about my work!!