Silent Death

A collaborative effort of Sacrifice Theory and MourningStar2002.

Posted with permission from the band Tears of Pain.

Silent Death

Peer out your window, and what do you see?
A finger on a trigger, child killers in the streets.
Go on, believe that you’re safe, all snug and warm in bed.

Live safe in your little lie.
Be sure that you’re not going to die.
Wrap yourself in false securities,
Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Just remember,
I’m right outside your door.
Right outside your perfect little world (this line optional)

You jump at each sound.
You check, but no one’s there.
Check again, would you bet your last breath of air?
What says you won’t be begging on your knees?
Begging for me to let you live.

Can you see it?
Is it clear?
Is it apparent that your death is near?


Are you still talking, praying?
Mumbling to yourself?
Don’t you realize?
Can’t you feel the bullet lodged in your head?
Don’t you know you’re dead?
Keep up the make believe.
Just keep on pretending.
But you won’t hear any answers from the dead.