Silent Laughter

Laughing Silently
Looking on at the world in disgust,
So many posers, none of them real.

You laugh because I’m different.
I laugh because you’re all the same.
Sure, whatever, you all say.
But you have no idea
What it’s like being,
As you call it, “different”
Faced with so much pain and hate inside.
Each day is nothing more than a struggle
Between life and death,
To live or to die silently
That’s my choices each and every day.
But you have no idea.
Keep laughing.
Soon you’ll all find out what it’s like,
Laughing because I’m different.
If only you knew the real reason I was laughing.

*This goes out to all those damn preps, who were just bound to piss me off…*

By DementedDreamer

"...Victims..aren't we all?"