Silk and Sex

The silk feels so good against my skin it’s absolutely mind blowing. Not quite as mind blowing as the other thing pressed to my naked body, but close. So close. As close as She is to me. Regardless, I shift back in order to look at Her, and I smile. With that razor cut black hair spilling against the sanguine red satin pillow, She looks like a fallen angel. My fallen angel.

We’re nuzzled together so perfectly. Her skin – smoother than the silk we’re wrapped in – is so tight to mine, and we’re so perfectly arraigned together. Her chest is just a little lower than mine, making it to that every time she takes those shallow in-sleep breaths, Her modest bust presses to the bottom of mine. It’s too tempting, I run my fingers down Her back, feeling each little ridge bump my slender fingers as I walk them down Her body, until I trace two fingers along the rise and length of Her rear, and across the slim leg so lewdly spread atop mine.

I know She’s worn out, Her frail body can’t take much, but the driving passion of our consummate love-making was more than enough to make me content. Her little body is still shaking even in Her sleep, and I can’t help but wonder if She’s dreaming about the erotic acts we just performed not moments ago.

Our arms and legs are so tangled together that I couldn’t get up even if I wanted to, the sweet aroma of our ambrosia clung to the air, saturating it with the scent of our lust. I inhale the musky air, causing my Angle to stir.

I look down into those hypnotic brown eyes, so deep and haunting it makes me smile dreamily. I can’t help it, I simply whisper out that overly clichéd phrase.

“I love you, my Angel.”

She nods, and I feet Her dainty foot stroke against mine. She rarely spoke, ever, but I knew by Her actions she felt the same, and Her tiny frame nuzzled tighter against mine. Every little curve of Her body set every little nerve of my body on fire, feeling those thin lips against my throat, Her soft hair tickle against the underside of my chin…

I stirred as well, rolling over until I had the poor lass pinned in my grip. The way the moonlight spilt through the window, playing across Her pale skin, making it glow… I pressed our lips together, feeling the gentleness of their texture, my tongue once more invading the warmth of Her mouth, feeling Her body submit to my wants…

We devoured each other like serpents in the sky, the night is young, and so is my hunger for Her.

By Decadent Fae

"There are two types of traitors - those who say they will betray you, and those who will. The best way to deal with them is to simply ignore them and act if they do." -Ieyasu Tokugawa