Simpleton Castle

holding a single candle i stepped quickly, trying to come to the simpleton castle by nightfall. it is said that no mortal should wander the castle grounds past nightfall, unless they had a death wish.

i had heard stories about this place and they werent pretty. i guess i would have to start running now if what im doing right now isnt running. i saw the upcoming gates that lead unto the castle’s garden. i had heard that not too long ago, whenever people decided to test their fates, that they would come to the castle and onto the garden, least they know what waits behind the great iron gates. humens or “things” would hack them to peices and leave them to rot on the cobble stone path, no one really ever knew for sure who or what had done it but no one really wanted to find out. i entered the garden without so much as a scratch from the gates rubbing against my skin. i now could see the little lake in which thousands of humen parts were found recently. i shivered, a cool breeze came from the lake side and blew past me like a cold hand gently touching my face. i walked on and proceeded towards the castle. nightfall was almost here and i wanted to get this over with.

i came face to face with the towering great woooden doors with pictures of demons, creatures of the night and satan himself carved onto the front. i took a deep breath and then hit the doors three times, as hard as i could. everyone in my village said that no one lived in the great castle anymore because no one was brave enough to go past the front gates. i heard the door unlatch and someone, or something came forth. i couldnt see “it’s” face because of a black cloak it wore but only “it’s” hands which were stained a kind of dark pink, the colour of red blood that must have been washed off erlier. “welcome” it said with a deeep harsh voice, “thank-you” i said and stepped inside…

that night i left and thanked the “person” inside the castle for “it’s” gift and started my way home. i went past the lake with the moon shining on it’s surface creating something like a monsterous face groping and howling in the night.

i came to the garden gates and stopped behind one side of the gates out of view. i heard some children coming, apperently playing in on the castle grounds, thinking that everything told to them by their parents were simple tricks to keep them away from the “hunted” castle. they now were nearing the castle gates…so i held my breath and raised the “gift” given to me. it glittered in the night and seemed like as though it was on fire. the first child came through and i let it fall on his small head. blood came pouring and gushing towards my feet as the small boy fell to the ground. i smiled and waited for the rest of the children…

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By morgan_ly_faye

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