Simply Luscious

His touch was sensational; his fingers were so smooth, I have never imagined, it would go that far.

I came into his room, wearing a black rope, he looked straight at me wondering what am I up to tonight, he knew why was I there, he knew how much I wanted this so bad.
I gently took my black rope off. He was the first man I revealed myself to.
I stood there undressed, looking at him with desire, waiting for his warm touch, wanting him so bad.

He came toward me, looked deep into my eyes, and ran his hands through my hair. “You’re so beautiful,” he said putting his hands on my waist. I can tell he was nervous. His eyes were not sure whether to move along or stay still.

I touched his neck craving for more of his love. His lips were so warm as they touched mine; the softness of his lips was luscious.

He grasped my leg firmly and laid it around him, his artistic hand was playing around which made my feelings stronger, I moaned, as I wanted him inside of me so bad. His blue oceanic warm eyes looked right into mine, “you are never going to regret this” he whispered, “regret? Regret what? What is this suppose to refer to?” I thought to myself, and soon forgotten everything, I’ve forgotten all the pain I had in my past life, all the suffer I went through, I have forgotten that once I was just a breeze of wind that nobody cared about. Only the thoughts of him were inside of me, the thoughts of love and beauty, the thoughts of the very first time we held hands, the thoughts of black roses that were on my mother’s stoned grave. The soreness of my life was fading away every time he touches me.

He held me tight next to him, and placed my hand on his chest. His heart was beating so fast, I couldn’t believe how much pleasure I have given him when it was just my first time. “I love you, Shawn” I said reaching for his face, he smiled and looked away “look! The candle melted completely,” he said pointing at the candle that he lightened before I came in. “I have always been longing for this, and I cant believe that’ is already over” I Said looking at him.

He looked so peaceful “what is he dreaming of?” I thought. “How many 15 year old girls go through such experience?”

So he is small and petite but at least he’s neither an elf nor a giant, not even a stonehearted person . He is centered, sophisticated and down to earth. He is someone like me, truly like me.

I now came to a point where I knew that my feelings for him were a little more than lust.