Sinful Reunions

Silently she walked into veiw of the small house sitting in the clearing.

The first thing she noticed was the air. That small, nearly unnoticable,

yet indistinguishable smell. Someone had been here.

Almost immediatly she knew who it was…but how? why? ‘I must be mistaken’, she thought. Slowly

she descended the front steps to her house. She could smell the scent stronger

here, though not strong enough to show that someone was still there. Even though, she

caustiously opened her front door and peered inside. Nothing… She walked

inside and looked around, making sure no surprises were waiting for her.

The only thing she found was the worst she could Imagine, the rose. There

it sat on her pillow. The colours clashing almost made it look beautiful.

Dark black on on the deep red of her satin pillow. Shaking the thoughts out of her

head she glared at the rose. Her thoughts traveled back to the first black rose she

had ever recieved.

Sitting out by the lake was her favorite past time as a child. The only place she had

to herself anymore. This night, things were calmer than usual. The stars shown brightly

against the velvet sky and she silently wished it would stay like this forever.

She sat out there until she thought everyone at home was already asleep and then she slowly

started her descend home. Once there, she noticed the silence about the house.

something was wrong…

Immediatly she ran to her mothers room. Before her lay a horrible sight. Her mother was laying

across the bed, Her arms out wide and her cold eyes open staring blankly at the ceiling.

The slice down each arm only too noticable in the moonlight shining through her window.

Only after moving closer did she see the bite marks on the wrist of her mother.

Clutching a hand to her mouth to keep the scream inside of her, she raced to her brothers room.

Nothing there. He was gone. No sign of anything in his room.

Slowly she made her way to her own room. There was someone sitting on her bed, twirling her

ballerina figurine. Her first insticnt was to run but she couldnt seem to move from the spot she stood.

Silently she stared at him. His long, straight black hair seemed to fall just perfectly over his face,

hiding any features. The colour of his hair contrasted beautifully with his blood red shirt.

Slowly he tilted hys head towards her and she cought a glimpse of his face. Perfect jaw-line,

perfect lips, and the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. they were a brilliant shade of emerald green

and narrowed so they more resembled cat eyes.

He smiled at her. That smile sent chills down her spine, yet at the same moment caused her to gasp at the

sexy deviousness of it. As he made his way to her she seemed to lose all feeling. It was as though her

body went numb completely, until he brushed his fingers across her face. Sencing her fear, he soflty whispered,

“Do not be afriad child, I am not here to harm you, but likewise, i am here to give you a gift”.

Those words made her shudder even more. He smiled again and this time she noticed the two, tiny, fangs peeking

out. He leaned in closer and she gasped again. He then produced a rose. An elegant black rose. He silently

placed it into her hand and whispered again, ” Goodnight, sweet Puriel. i will see you again soon, i promise.”

…With that..he was gone…

SLowly Puriel seeped back into the present. Staring at the rose she wondered what it meant. He must have found her.

After all of these years on her own, he found her. ‘What would he want now? He has taken my soul, I have nothing

else to offer him.’, she mused. Sitting back agaisnt the wall she sighed. Puriel picked up the rose. Spinning it

in her hand, she continued to think. He would be coming soon. For what she didnt know, but he would be here.

” Oh Adrien , can’t you just leave me alone?”, she cried aloud before slowly drifting to sleep.



  1. good story. i like the black rose on the red satin, very sexy.

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