six feet under

down six feet under there aint no one to save ya, you gone, all alone, no more, your forgotten and people dont worry about your voice no more. you cant be heard if ya try to scream so keep it in; keep it down within. start worryin about those maggots and the rats cuz soon youll be needin more than just a snack, come on just try and fight back. is it worth the pain that your causin your fingers to bleed as you scratch and you scrape trying your best to escape!? well ease up now, slow down now you got a lot of time to be alone now… no more songs to be sung, the best for you is to be tied up and hung. what can you do, try to stop breathin until your eyes pop out all black and blue, try to escape for good, becuase everyone thought that you should they thought that you would. but you aint that good. dont even start to cry dont be wasting that water, youll need it if ya dont wanna die, but your dead arent you? then why are ya breathin like u alive, why do u look around for an answer when your six feet under ground? now you hear foot steps move around and you listen like there aint no other sound, you start to pound hopin they will hear you between all that ground, then they stop right above you and you scream even louder, you scream until your throat starts to bleed, then you cant scream no more. because theres no hope anymore.its time for you to make your own blood guts and gore. your body is your canvas and you are the painter. your chosen color is red. you dont want to waste your time on dread, you want to be down here while you really are dead. you kiss the sky goodbye. you stretch your legs one last time before you can get your wings and fly. you take one last look around. you want to remember when you died. six feet under ground