Its like 9 when i woke up. AS my bed’s facing the window, i invariently have to catch a glimpse of the sky.
There’s something different today about the emptiness, it seem so blue today. Just like its a perfect day.

Perfect day, a rare gem that seems rather unblemished by another days’s of hard luck and pissed emotions.
But then, as god is forever playing the fool, i was in fact greeted by A BARRAGE OF SCREAMS.
tHEN my eyes start to bleed, the pupils clouding, the irises blurry.
Instead of blue, i see red.
looks like my mom’s up to her fiesty mood.
kinda of testy and raring to go like a stallion.She;s not losing her standard. not in her late fifties.
Breathing deeply, i stood up, kicked the unoffending pillow of the cold tiles, turn the door knob.

almost like a shadow, i saw.
She was at the back of me. Holding a bar stool.


  1. Hmm sounds like a bad case of Menopause to me. Maybe you should take your excuse of a Mother to the backyard doctor.. poverty stricken maggot.

  2. erm………thats scary……funny……but scary… question why your mum?

  3. Oh yeah pillows…….wot are u on unoffending pillows,they arent made to be offending. Argh the english isnt making sence

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