I’m learning to relax a little as I get older. In the past, I wouldn’t have liked this video. You don’t make fun of my icons! I initially bristled at the “bad lip reading” videos made from STAR WARS clips. The tunes are catchy and all my friends and my better half think they’re hilarious, but my knee-jerk reaction was, T’AINT FUNNY, DOOLEY! (Extra points to anyone who gets the reference, here.) Because STAR WARS is untouchable. My beloved slashers are likewise untouchable. I don’t like riffing on things I love, unless those things were created for that specific purpose, like cheesy old movies. MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 jumped the shark when it ran out of cheesy films to lampoon and started trying it with GOOD movies. It doesn’t work. Worse, it pisses me off.

I tell myself, though, that videos such as this one aren’t intended to make fun of anything. They are loving homages, which are an entirely different species of animal. Taking it as such, then, I can admit that this bit is cute and funny. Imagine every 80s slasher film done as a John Hughes movie (with the appropriate soundtrack). Jason is the lonely nerd. His buddy, Freddy, is the wisecracking best friend. Michael is a jerky jock. (This part bothered me most of all.) Leatherface and Pinhead are the jerky hangers-on friends of the lead jerk. And the cute girl they’re all crushing on is Carrie. Just bear in mind that this isn’t meant to be taken seriously. We know from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART SEVEN that if Carrie ever encountered Jason in real life, the results wouldn’t be quite so romantic.