It is there. Everyday, when I am asleep. Waiting for me, there, in the darkness. Don’t you see it?
I get into bed and close my eyes and I am dropped into a state of half-conciousness. Suddenly I am at the entrance, a long, dark walkway, to a cave-like room. I proceed through the darkness, the dankness, up the stone ‘ramp’, to the end of the wall and turn right.It is here I see fifteen feet or so ahead of me in the left wall a fireplace like none other that I’ve seen before. I can put my hand in the flame, but it is very cold.

On the wall opposite the fireplacethere is a marble, very elaborately carved fountain. I fee thirsty but I don’t trust the fountain. I toss a rock into it; instantly the water turns to blood.At that moment a large rock falls from the cieling which I manage to dodge, all but my left arm.
With the impact of the rock on the floor, the fireplace collapses. Its debris vanishes instantly revealing yet another doorway, tall and wide. Behind it I hear a girl singing, obviously not worried of anything. I am drawn th this sound. I walk through the doorway and look to the right of it, I see the girl with ten to fifteen people around her.
One of them jumps up and turns slowly my way, notifies the others. they all run toward me, all but one. On instinct I pull a sword from my sheath on my back, to begin slicing off assorted body parts.
They seem to disintagrate on the touch of my sword. All but one are rotting on the ground. The last attacks me from behind. I feel its teeth sinking into my shoulder I am carrying the sword in. I can’t raise my arm to attack. I throw the sword on the ground, turn around, and fall backwards onto it. Like the others,it gives a horrendous scream as it crumbles to the ground, my blood all over it.
I slowly aproach the girl. She has no fear of me, has no thought whatsoever toward her missing servants. I want to bring her to a safer place, I try to pick her up-

but she is not realy there.
My alarm goes off. I am awoken staring at the cieling. I realize…Iam in pain, I can see my blood covered sheets and matress, feel the life seeping out of me.

It was real.

By Torture Keeper

I am a Satanist. To many people I know, that wouldn't sound surprising at all. I am in my first year of High School and plan to join the Navy after graduation and go to college to become first class aviation Admiral.