Slowing DoWn

I’m looking out the door sperating u from me.
I know what u want i want it too.
i’m addicted i cant stop. ishouldn’t have to but i think i should. b cuz i don’t want to get pregnate, we dont use a condom any more. i’m begining to think you don’t even care if u get me pregnate. BUT I DO CARE. theres not enough money for an abortion. No way in HELL would i keep it. My mom doesn’t even know that i’m having sex.for all she knows i’m still her little girl.Well ma, i’m not.Mabye i am too young to be having sex mabye not.Is 13 too young? My friend Holly says yes and no.i dunno. i don’t wanna stop cuz it feels soo good. but i must. so i’ll try, try to refrain myself from doing it anymore, G’bye.

By dead2theworld

none of your fuckin buisiness.