Walking down the path in the graveyard
I see falling from the black skies
The snow as white as the wings of a angel
But still as beautiful as it is

The snow is cruel and cold, biting in my skin
Falling all around me
On the ground, the graves and me
With a glint in my eye, I walk towards the grave of my ancestors
While I walk my dark body becomes covered in this white pureness
It is like an evil sickness, spreading to cover everything
When I arrive to the grave, I raise my head with a dark smile and pride
Because no matter how much you despite me, you can not defeat me
I am proud to be who I am, no one can change that
My feelings to everybody has become as cold as this pure but evil snow
With a smile on my lips
I penetrate my skin with a knife
And in all this cold evil beauty
I stand here on the graveyard and watch drops of my blood penetrate this white purity
The snow fades away as it is touched by my blood
A black tear falls slowly from my eye
Falling slowly down first from my eye falling slowly toward the white snow
And as the ground is covered with the purest of snow and my purest of blood
The dark tear falls slow and hits the blood and snow
Its sinks deep into the grave, down to my ancestors I hope
And as I stare one last time at this dark beautiful night
A night of snow, blood, darkness and death
And as I look at all this beauty
I drop to my knees on my ancestors grave
And end it all

By Nightblood

17 and from the cold Denmark. I have always loved to wirte poems, and when i found i feel in love with it