Snowed In part 1

There was supposedly a big snowstorm coming and my boyfriend aske dme if i would come to his house and be snowed in with him. I told him i would. I went out on my roof and it was already snowing. I was cold. I started walking and soon came to a road where there was a lot of traffic. I walked a little faster, getting colder, and not wanting to be hit by a car.

I soon came to where he lived and knocked on his door. He came and told me to come in. his house was so warm and i was happy. He led me to his room and i sat on his bed. I looked at him and he looked back at me.
“Soo what are we going to do?” i asked him
“Anything you want” he answered.
Oh the possibilities i thought. and i smiled aat him. i went up to him and kissed him passionatly then he parted my lips and made his tongue touch mine. I was so happy i thought i was dreaming.
he wrapped his arms around me and i looked into his beautiful blue eyes. i took off my good charlotte hoodie and he took off his hoodie too. I was still contemplating wether i should have sex with him of not. we were only kids and sex was wrong. we shouldnt even be thinking about it! but i loved him. no matter what ppl say about kids not being able to love…
he whispered “I love you” into my ear and i smiled. and whispered back the same thing

————————to be continued—————————–

By Nanashi

Name: Ava Age: heh if u have to be 13 or older then im older (NOT! im 11 heh) go to my site!! i have my pic on there i kno it sux but sign my G-book ty i like Hot Topic and i dont really label myself but if i had to id be punk and a lil goth i think ill draw a picture a picture with a twist. ill draw it with a razor blade ill draw it on my wrist and as i draw this picture a fountain will appear and with this flowing fountain all my probs will disappear i dont like to label ppl..but i have proof avril is a poseur and i dont like preps..only some i live in pennsylvania and my AIM sn is ihavenooLyFE IM me sometime ill be happy 2 chat =]


  1. maan that was a good start. i think i like it because i can relate…my boyfriend wants to have sex with me too and i dont know what to do, and that little thing “anything you want” that the boyfriend said reminded me of him because he says the same thing to me. and i also dont like the fact that people say “you’re kids you cant love and sex is bad you’re not ready” i mean what the fuck? how would they know if i’m ready or not? they’re not me. they dont know what i think or what i feel. So anyway i think that you should continue.

  2. hmmmmmmmm
    i’m not saying it was lame. language resricted, repetetive and paaaaaaaaaaaaaaainfully obvious … i mean, can we please escape the format of “i did this, then he did that, then i said this then he said that.” It’s so monotonous to read. no offense meant.

  3. I’ve heard that the love you experience in “childhood” (I’ll take it that includes teenagehood also), is the strongest love you’ll ever experience. Unless you haven’t actually experienced it of course… in which case things can only get better. Right?

  4. this is true
    or at least it makes sense to be true
    i wouldnt know

  5. It’s hard to say though because love is tricky.
    I mean, when you’re young you think you can appreciate what love really is, but you don’t have emotional maturity, or experience, or the ability to judge love against lust or stupid kiddie infatuation.
    The problem with being young is, even if you do fall in love you won’t know it’s really love until you’re older and you have something to hold it up against.

    Not to mention that when you’re younger you’re so much more pure – you can love somebody without the taints of the outside world, but sometimes those same taints are what draws you together.

    Young love is easy, but older love is hard, emotionally taxing, it hurts sometimes, and it lasts longer because your expectations are so different.
    I think that’s what makes people believe that younger love is better – because it’s easier to feel and it doesn’t leave scars.
    In the end, I don’t think there’s anything you can say about love, other than it’s different for every person, and if it’s real then a little waiting won’t kill it off. If you don’t know if you can wait till you’re older, it’s not love and you’re wasting your time pretending it is so you won’t feel bad later.

    Who needs to be in love right now anyways? I mean come on …. be realistic. Be young, have fun, you won’t die from it, and it’ll help you grow up a bit so when you do fall in love you’re ready for it.

  6. I enjoyed reading that one, blacklight. I think that’s an excellent thing to say and I do agree with you.

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