So here we are. . .

We have all lived our lives in seperate places up to this point and were drawn here for whatever reason. if for no other reason than to better understand those who see what i see, I pose a question. What drives you to be that which you are ? To live like you do? What is/was the motivation to become this current person you exist as?

As is proper I will share my own forces first. I live in Dublin,Ohio and have all my life. i most enjoy exploration for understanding. i enjoy watching people walk about thier daily lives with no other reason to live than to survive. i am an athiest and figure all will be revealed when i die. but until then i live to experience all i can that this world has to offer. good and bad alike. the darker nature of man fascinates me and i want to learn all i can about it. bare as i book, i lay before you, feel free to lay before me.

By DarkChaos769

19, dark hair, dark eyes. live for the night if for no other reason than to write. enjoy speaking with others on the subjects of interest.