Societally vexed

Society is a plague, it’s been said before… “the person is smart but the people are dumb”, conformity riddles the never ending agenda of daily life along with the violent but hushed death of free thought. The few keeping it alive are vastly outnumbered by modernized mindless zombies. The freedom of life, the only right we are truly given, destroyed by an army of corporate advertisements and an artillery of fast food. The brainwashing of must see t.v. while nuking your frozen microwave dinner… a population full of power hungry nicotine and caffeine addicts go about their worthless lies of lives, bowing unquestionably to their corporate gods. The ones who ask why, the few with the will of understanding are thoughtlessly cast to the side for fear of a free mind, thinking independently on it’s own without the infectious virus of control… Money and beauty rule over all, greed and violence reign in the almighty ‘Power Struggle’ shortly thereafter… in the end, the peace of mind that few possess will be the only peace left.