A black ribbon tied ’round an ebony rose
Lost souls have no owners
Poor peasants make for good harlots

Ashamed of their pale skin and fragile bodies
Thin fingers and jutting hips,
the Mother of all Death
Knives sharp enough to bleed broken children
Somehow the elders will produce macabre
Less time for rebirth
We both knew the consequences of
lustful judgemnt
The castle of Korm birthed a fantasy of Sodomy
Aphrodite kissed the demon child on the lips
I allowed Ares to put his sword in me
It sliced my gut and erupted my mind
I told a black man’s fortune, of spikes
on spines in a dragon’s lore
He’ll beat the widowers house wife
Charity will abandon the chosen
Lust will forsake the Lover

By RoseTears

I am sleeping in a pool of blood Don't act like you don't kill me with your words Writing, sleeping, dreaming, singing, ...just ask.