Solider’s Dying

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray for a future in a soul too weak

Fighting in this all too mad Scheme

Haunted by enemies that are only in my dreams

I know now I have to pay for what I’ve done

Taste the cold steal in my mouth from the barrel of this gun

And if my heart awakens from its eternal slumber

May my cries be drown out by this gun’s thunder

I can’t see how to fight one more day

So much left undone, So much still left to say

But it’s been a long life and my pride has been taken

I was left in my nightmares, no way to awaken

My whole life I’ve done nothing but struggle

From the start till my recent grave

Feeling like a soul criminal

Dying as pain’s most abused slave

But here I am, a lone dark soldier

And my nights just keep getting colder

No way for hope to find a window

I can feel death’s hand on my shoulder

Forgive me Lord, I know I have sinned

But no one can see the places I have been

The words softly spoken and the things I saw

Taught me how to run before I could crawl

You can’t be a child any more around here

You can’t stay forever innocent and unblemished

Children are killed and the crimes are horrendous.

Is there repentance for the wrong?

Is there a chance of heaven for the damned?

Could I see future before this gun sings my last song?

Before I go I wanna thank you

My only partner in this fight.

You stood against the odds in this plight

To help me survive in a place

Where living was a losing race.

Taught me to watch my back, don’t trust no man

Fight for myself, I don’t know why I can’t understand

Meet my problems along the way

But somehow I let those lessons stray

But you were true, you stayed so strong

Loaned me your strength to try to help me carry on

I forgot how to cry because my troubles had no end

So now I write my last good by to someone much more then a friend

I love you for more then just the training

And the lessons of the heart you taught

To me they’re worth more then a priceless painting

You’re love something too good to ever be bought

I pray someone will please protect you

And give you the strength you gave me when I am gone

And when you’re troubled they’ll direct you

My nights will end and start your dawn