Soliloquy on Darkness

Darkness can be sensed; yet its invisible wings spread, detached from all, upon the universe like a thought of a dying heathen. Darkness is the furnace spewing the energy ceaselessly and forever. It breathes, each gasp filled with the deepest thoughts. We feel it and we see it in our minds whenever the clarity is eclipsed and pursued by the menacing shadows of unknown shapes. Some people run away and hide in their lighthouse that they call the world. Some people stay and let themselves be devoured by those dark shapes for they are of the same essence.

My soul was devoured to be reborn in death. The deadly silence speaks to me and accepts me in my entirety as its own essence. My soul is dead and free from any false hopes and misleading beliefs. My soul is black. Its absence of light has quenched the flames of hell and minimized the shimmering glow of divine radiance into a singular light.

Light. Watch it and you will be blinded and unable to look inwardly. Your blindness will be taken for granted. Perhaps you should know that this light comes from the dying stars and one day will be dispersed into nothingness. One day the light will be reduced to the invisible and equal counterpart of Darkness. Till then, blessed be the gleaming mirage of the “real” forms. You triggered my thoughts as I stood there and watched the eclipse threaten the world. The men then in defense rose their Gods and science to shun the unknown shapes.

Men are impudent and pathetic in their efforts; yet, one has no right to blame them. One ought to learn from them. Regardless, my brothers found it to be their duty to judge me, to scorch my image with fire and propel me to fall. Allow me to laugh. Where am I to descend? Since darkness permeates all and the light streams from everywhere, there is no underworld to fall in. Go ahead and try to force me to fall, as you had it so many times. There is no underworld to fall in. There is only the choice to be of Darkness or of light and the vacillating crossing in between. When you surpass the mesh of dimensions, you shall see the cosmic balance of all things. You shall see that happiness still passes day and night leaving the trail of happy hearts behind until they are lashed out by the despair that dusts the sprinkling shine of sun. Unlike happy people, happiness itself is unbiased. If ecstasy is its utmost consequence, then I say that there is a black flame of happiness present in each work of art that people label as somber and dark.


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  1. Darkness is always there. No matter how much light there is, there will always be shadow. But light? It’s smothered by the dark. Or maybe it retreats, somehow sensing the presence of something more powerful then itself.
    Look into a bright light and it hurts your eyes, look into darkness, and you only see yourself.


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