Solitary Confinement (Part Two)

This is the last part of the story that I submitted earlier. It may be a bit long, but I could not find a good place to break it up. I rewrote the rest slightly to make it a bit tamer. The original version borders on pornographic. This should be more “user” friendly *grin*.

Once in the house, Ania led the girl towards the master bath. Handing her a towel, and a terry robe, she nodded to the shower. Silently, the girl removed her clothes and handed them to Ania.Pausing to find a drier robe for herself, Ania walked back downstairs and dropped the clothes in the garbage. She wanted to erase the girl’s pain, and she was going to start from everything connected to her past. Scouring her cabinets revealed a few cans of soup. She wasn’t exactly sure how they had got there, but the fact that they were they was a relief. At least now she could give the girl something warm to eat.While heating the chicken noodle, Ania chuckled to herself. It was almost house wifely of her. To be standing over the stove preparing a meal. She could not remember the last time she had truly cooked.There was a sound behind her, and Ania turned to see the girl watching her carefully. Her skin was wet and rosy from the hot shower, and her hair waived slightly. Ania poured the soup into a bowl and set the steamy liquid on the table. The girl sat, giving Ania a questioning look. Ania smiled and sat down across from her. The girl started to speak, but Ania placed a finger against her lips. She nodded her head at the bowl. There would be time for talk later, but now, she wanted her to eat.Grinning, Ania watched the girl devour the small meal and wondered how long it had been since she had eaten. She examined the girl’s face closely, studying the smattering of freckles across her nose, the dimpled cheeks and the pale grey eyes. She met the girl’s eyes and discovered that she was doing the same to her. Ania looked down at the empty soup bowl and nodded. As she was bringing the bowl to the sink, she heard the girl speak.”I’m Stella.” The voice was soft and light, but with so much sadness behind it. Ania fought the tears once again. Ania returned to the girl and led her from the table. “I am Ania. Come, I know you must be tired. Let me bring you to your bed. We will be able to talk in the morning. And you will feel better.” Ania led the girl by the hand up the stairs and into the room next to hers. Entering the room, Ania felt a wave of sadness but was unable to figure out why. She shrugged it off, and did her best to dust the room a bit. It had been empty for some time.She tucked Stella into the large hardwood bed, pulling the down comforters up to her chin. The girl smiled tiredly before quickly falling asleep. Ania bent down and placed the lightest of kisses on her forehead, before returning to her own room.She had no intention of sleeping. She knew sleep would be impossible on Stella’s first night. Ania sat in a window seat wrapped in an afghan. Dawn would be a long time coming.Dozing slightly, Ania awoke to the sound of screaming coming from the next room. Darting from her resting-place, she ran to Stella’s room.Stella lay on the bed in a patch of moon light, writhing in the covers. Her screams and moans were horrific, but Ania could see that she was still asleep. Gently, she awoke Stella, whispering and stroking her forehead.Stella’s eyes popped open and she looked back and forth for a moment in a panic. Her eyes came to rest on Ania and the panic in her subsided. “Shhh. It was a dream. Only a dream, child. Shhh.””It was so horrible. I don’t want to ever go back there, it was hell.” Ania hushed her.”Shhh. You don’t have to speak of it. I want you to forget it. Pretend it never happened. Don’t worry, you will never have to go back there. I won’t let you.” Ania brushed back a strand of russet hair from Stella’s terrified eyes. “You are safe now. You are with me.”Relief flooded Stella’s face as she leaned back into the pillows. Ania turned to go, but Stella stopped her. “Please. Don’t leave me yet. I feel so alone. I don’t want to lie here with my memories by myself. Please stay with me a little while.”Ania smiled and climbed into the large bed with her. Stella seemed somewhat calmer now and nestled into her blankets. She spoke a few times. Nonsensical things, random thoughts, and snippets from her past. Nothing more then simple chatter to fill the silence. She quieted soon and her breathing grew even. Ania knew she was once again asleep.Ania watched the girl’s chest rise and fall with each breath. Her full lips were parted slightly and moved gently with the words of dreams. Ania traced a fingertip along the girl’s lower lip, down her chin, to the soft skin of her neck. Stella smiled slightly in her sleep, but did not wake.Ania continued her path grazing her fingers across Stella’s shoulder, before reaching to part the girls robe. Her breasts were full and round. In the moonlight her skin had an almost ethereal, ghostly glow to it. Ania played her fingers lightly across Stella’s stomach before moving once again in an upward direction. She traced patterns and pictures across Stella’s white body.Just the feeling of Stella’s skin beneath her fingers was intoxicating in itself. It had been so long since Ania had spoken to someone that she was drunk on the pleasure of simply touching someone else. At last, there came a moment when Ania could bear it no longer. Bending over she pressed her own lips against the sleeping girls. She felt Stella stir beneath her and respond. Stella’s arms now encircled her back, and their breath became one. As Stella crushed her lips against hers, Ania’s heart began to race. It was almost too much too soon. But she was powerless to stop it. She needed Stella. She needed her life, she needed her love, and she needed her acceptance. In ways that Stella couldn’t possibly understand.Ania pressed her body against Stella’s, sighing to herself. This was what it meant to be whole. This was what it meant to become one with someone else.Ania ran her hand lightly over Stella’s arm before leaving her lips. Ania lips followed a pattern across her chin, to her neck down to the delicate skin below Stella’s earlobe. Her breath was warm as her lips dance across the skin of Stella’s neck. She heard the girl moan slightly, and Ania smiled to herself. She continued her ministrations, tasting the saltiness of the girls’ skin. As she was kissing Stella’s neck, she was hit with a sudden feeling. She was hungry. Ania had not fed in some time. Really, she didn’t need to feed as often anymore, but she still had the cravings. She had fed once or twice in the past 2 years that she remembered, but not much beyond that. And now the hunger gripped her body.Pausing a moment to collect herself, Ania pushed the hunger from her mind. She could control herself. Now was a time for love, and for passion. She would find someone to sate her hunger with, later. She played with the delicate skin below Stella’s earlobe, pausing to suckle the soft lobe. The taste of human flesh was so erotic to her. The light salty taste, with the scent of blood running beneath the surface. She could feel the beat of the girl’s heart beneath that thin layer of skin, that thin layer was all that was keeping her from….Ania realized she had been trying to feed, and stopped herself in horror. This could not go any further unless she learned how to control it. Stella looked up at her with questioning eyes, reached up, and laid a hand on Ania’s cheek. Ania pressed it with her own hand and kissed Stella’s palm. She paused for a moment until she was sure she had collected her senses.Once she was in control again, she returned to lavishing Stella’s body with affection. Her fingers played gently with the warm mound of Stella’s breast, as she traced a pattern of slow kisses across it’s tip. Stella moaned slightly and leaned up into Ania. Ania returned to kissing the smooth white neck, leaving her hand on Stella’s breast.Stella’s gasps and moans became louder, and Ania could almost hear her heart beating. Her kisses grew more ardent upon Stella’s neck. Feeling Stella’s body heave beneath her, and her hands playing across her breasts, drove Ania into a wild state. Lost in the passion of the moment, she tasted blood on her lips. Stella’s passion mounted to a fevered pitch and Ania felt a fount of blood flood her mouth. The coppery taste of life was richer then the finest wine, and more potent then the most powerful aphrodisiac. Completely lost in the life giving power of the blood she began to feed, drawing its warmth into herself. From far away she could hear Stella groaning in pleasure.As Stella neared her climax, Ania continued to drink. It was impossible to stop now. The blood was life, it was her soul, it was love. As the sweetness continued to fill her mouth a memory came flooding back to her. This had happened before, in this very room. In this bed. That was why she had been alone so long. Her mind willed herself to halt, but her body craved the blood, and would not stop. Screaming at herself, she tried to stop feeding. From far away she could hear Stella reach her climax and cry out in both pleasure and pain. “Please, please.” Ania pleaded with herself. “Please, stop. I love her. Please.” Finally sated, she pulled away. But looking at Stella revealed it had been too late. Gathering her up in her arms, Ania watched as Stella’s eyes grew dim, and felt her skin grow cold. It had been too much. It was just too much. Stella smiled softly at Ania before closing her eyes and passing from the world.Ania wept, holding her lover’s lifeless body to her chest. It had happened before. That was why she had been alone so long. She had done it before. In this very room she had killed her love 2 years before. She had not been able to control herself that time, and she had failed to do it again. She had punished herself for the last death, but she did not feel she could punish herself enough for this one. She started to curse her erratic memory, but instead chose to curse herself. Gently she laid Stella’s body back on the bed and covered her to her chin with the blanket. Placing a last kiss upon her forehead, she walked outside to meet the death rays of the morning sun.

By Kitashla

I am a 24 year old stay at home mom. My interests include writing, theatre, VtM, guitar, piano, and religions of the world. I''m going back to school in the fall and plan on studying Anthropology. Anything else you would like to know, click the link


  1. Wow, that was awesome. It has been awhile since i have read/heard/seen a vampire love story like that. Keep up the good work!

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