I will start out with an apology to those of you who have sufferd through my recent whining. It’s a habit I’ve been trying to break. I have not had much luck with it as of late.

I have moved in with my dear old friend. Seperate bedrooms, even though we are dating again..(third times the charm, perhaps) C has told me she doesn’t like it, but it’s not realy not any of her business. She has a point.

On the other hand, she told B. I have not seen him since Christmas, and haven’t had a chance to explain. I know he’s upset. I was supposed to be his roommate in April.

I’ll try to get ahold of him tonight, since I’ve finally gotten off work. I’ll point out, that in the long run, it’s my life, I can screw it up if I want to.

Thanks for the support I recieved in responce to the other articles. I didn’t realy expect any.


By Nevar

i am me...and only with it.