some poems of mine..

ive been here all along
ive wanted to hear you voice since time began
your every word consumes me
controls me
all i wanted was to hear
the the lies you would tell
the lies that make me whole
make me feel everything i need
but you stopped lying
stoped making me be
you only look and see and say the truth
and now it hurts
it hurts to know ive been feeling something real
when i cant even feel

i love you
i hate you
go away
please stay
every time i think i think of you
i hate how i love you
time passes
this lie i live
sickens me
drives me crazy
all this time
youve been lying
and if only u said the words i was dying to hear
then maybe
maybe i wouldnt hate you
maybe i wouldnt hate the way i love you
the way i feel complete in me
the ever pressing questions
of my blackened heart
of the lies i weaved
untangled told true i wish i wish i didnt love you


i want to be your everything
can i change?
will u love me then?
i want to be your everything
i love to hear your voice
to see u smile
i want to be your everything
all this time
i tried to be
everything u wanted me to be
but ive been everything but me
ive lied awake thinking of you
and only then do i realize
your not laying awake thinking of me
i will never be your everything….

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By endlesspain_and_sorrow

i cant take this anymore she says as the blood trickles down her body, it washes away the pain sucked deep inside of her whispers calling her name beckoning for her to jump jump into the darkness of the black sea below her its as black as that suit u ware to her funeral still tainted with the blood of her the ocean weaves its lies its calling to her in sweet whispers it wants her it craves her oh how it needs her you walk to the coffin still in that black suit you say your goodbyes but yet u never cry u are the sea you are the liar you only wanted wat u could never have now ur tainted with her blood still fresh on your sleeve your tainted with her screams full of agony. yet you never cry as u still weave the lies yet you never cry as you whisper your sweet treachery yet u never cry as the blood taints you you are the black sea