Something Else

I heard you calling out my name last night.
Was it in anger or was it in pain?
I know it sounds like desparation, But it feels like an addiciton
I cant get you out of my world.

No words can describe the confusion i feel
No thoughs describe my mind
No angels have mercy when i wish you away
No reason i find to belong….

Even when i spend the whole day screaming,
For you to go away i cant help but think that somewhere maybe, i am better off, we are better off.
There are people aroud but i still feel alone
Your a comfort your a pleasure but your my hate

Stop pretending to own my soul
Its not yours to own, its not yours to take
Hiding behind these shadows just proves to me.
Your nothing, but everything to me.
A second chance to make my only want arrive…

By lauren

Im Studying music currently at uni and loving it. I write alot and love to read. See you guys later.