Something to ease the pain

As she sits all alone in a dark corner
All alone she wonders
What went wrong in her life!
From the very beginning

Things were bad….
Now they’ve only gotten worse
She thinks about what she’s done,
What she is, what she’s become
Her first memory of her parents
Was her mother getting beat by her father
And her mother running off with another man
She grew up feeling all alone
She never knew love, only pain
She feared nothing but fear itself
She had no on she had nothing
She was all alone in this cruel world
She felt she needed something…
Something to ease the pain
Her father came home,
Drunk again!
The dishes weren’t done
Her father started beating her,
A usual routine
She winced and took the pain
Her father screamed and said he rejected her,
That she wasn’t human,
That she was an unnatural burden,
And he hated her!
She smiled faintly,
She said, “But, oh how I love you….”
She raised the knife
She held in her hand
She stabbed and stabbed repeatedly
And finished, “When you’re dead!”
She smiled at her dead father
For the first time in her life,
She knew and felt happy…
But how long would it be,
Before she felt
She needed something more
To ease the pain
And to again feel happy?
To her this feeling was like a high
Something she’d never experienced before
It made her feel alive!
She would strike again!

By HeLpMe

dont tend 2 b happy but am i good listener if u need 2 tlk!