sometimes… god how i hate things.

i can’t stand to here her talk about my dad that way. she is always calling his an asshole and other shit, even when i ask her not to. she told me it was all my fault, the reason they go to court, the reason it’s miserable.

i am going on 15, yet i have been made to grow up way too fast. they(my parents) expect me to act lke an adult with all of this, but it’s hard, b/c im scared. i don’t know what to do. i can’t trust either one of them, and it’s sorta scary. they’ve been divorced ofr 7 years, and its still hell. i just wish they’d leave meout of it all, and stop telling me to grow up and make decisions i don’t want to make.

By thejustine

i hate things. im... messed.