Somtimes things still haunt me

I guess the title gives it all away… Thats right we can all come back to a time in our life where hell was life and a care free was no were in sight. We are either like a care-free child or we can only know hell… even if we experianced both you can’t remember one.

The school doors are an entrance to this “hell”. Everyone turns away from you. That no one even attempts to know you.To see that you have a better side. No, nobody cares about that…all it seems they care about it whither or not you have what it takes. To be on the basketball team. A cheerleader. To be one of them…
Just like the remembrance of a father… abusive or perverted. I have both. (lucky me) And maybe thats why it made me take this decision. Not to runaway. Not to take on a new role as a spirit, but to take the lives of my peers…I just need a plan.

~*this is fiction. you hear me…FICTION although some parts are true but not all. do not be alarmed*~

By Notyourbeautyqueen

I used to write on Darkness about two years ago, and now, after many years of being in the shadows...I decided to come out again


  1. i don’t know what people are afraid i’ll do. Maybe run for president …. maybe o.d. on prozac.

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