Soothing the Sickness

My only thoughts right now are of you. You, and sound of your heart. I don’t want anything else but to end my craving, to sate my thirst, no matter how high the price. The price is you…sitting there, all cozy in your chair, curled up in your warm blanket, listening to the pounding rain on the window. I stand outside, letting the harsh cold rain soak through me, for I do not feel it.

I feel nothing but my thirst.
It’s driving me. Driving me to kill you. Driving my guilt away. Driving myself towards you…
I push the button to call your apartment on the fifth floor. I wait patiently, until a crackling sound is heard through the pounding rain.
“Hello?” you ask. The sound of your voice is nearly blanketed by the roar of the wind, yet I catch it before it is swept away.
“Hey there,” I say, pushing the button, “It’s me, Avalyn. Can I come inside?”
The door automaticly unlocks, and I push it open, running away from the falling liquid acid. I climb the stairs, until I get to the fifth floor, your floor. 3E, it says, in bronze, set upon the door.
By now, the sickness is growing stronger. I have to sate it. My pale body, ever so fragile, yet ever so powerful, struggles. It has been weeks, months since I last ate. And the meal was contaminated with substances, like dope, and a thin trace of meth. The speed only made me dance longer, although the escasy had no effect what so ever. The thought of that night brought a grin on my face as I knocked on your door.
The hunger was only growing stronger. My vision was turning. As you open your door, the smell that is the strongest is coming from you…your blood. You invite me in, and after I walk in, you close the door. That was my calling card. My fangs form, and no longer am I Avalyn your friend from the cafe, but Avalyn the Vampire.
Your fate is sealed, although your voice slices through the walls with one scream. One piercing death cry. Nothing you do can save you. Not even your God.
My fangs pierce your neck, the vein bursting with life flowing from them; my drink calms my fever that was burning, and as much as you may struggle, your muscles relax, until you go completely limp, yet rigid.
Drinking my fill, I let you fall to the floor, my fangs going back into their hidding, and I only then did I relieze that Avalyn the Vampire, Avalyn the Monster, did win this battle. Like they did before. Guilt comes to me like a huge tsunami.
You were mine. My love. My only. You died in my arms, I drank from you. I love you. Forgive me.

By avalyn

avalyn's pissed off right now...looking for a place to vent...