SorroW’s dRY sTEm

I’m sorry I couldnt save your eyes
guiding me into the path I’d chosen
making me believe
making me none the less…

your ears heard the lies of all I spoke
your shrapnel ridden heart was torn of me
and I am nothing
I was made of bone and given breath
solve et coagula (Create to Destroy)
I would climb the stars
just to bring down your sky
and I would kiss your neck
just to make my mark
you were all I had owned in my life
those sullen tears flew through your facade
straight into the chamber,
unloading into my painted face
frozen in perfection
I had climbed your legs just to reach your love
needle in hand, I made taboo what you had held close
I shut your system into failure
just so I could come and recombine you, being the hero
I would slit away your mistakes
carrying the burden in my skin
my marrow faulted and disarrayed
and I would climb your eyes
just to kiss your stem

By bLiNDmaGg0T

Not much to tell I'm afraid. I am 18, live in Chicago, and am confusing. I skate, write poetry, love deep conversation, like metal music, and have Gothic ethical standpoints. Anything else, just IM me, I guess...