Sorrows of my soul

As I bleed my pain away in the bed
The floor now wet and tainted so red
Life has now forever lost all its flair
Why she had to be above all so fair?

Sweet was her voice and so kind her smile
Why this fate, my fate, had to be so vile?
Dark and bitter were my days without her
Why we never could be together?
The claws of doom hangs so heavy upon me
My weary spirit now so pitifully lame
I was left alone with a shattered soul
And all in my is now bleak and foul
Lost the spark that kindled my faith
No longer in this world I can wait
Forsakened by everything even by light
Now my path steers into the deep night
Now shadows haunt every of my dreams
And tears flow unconstrained from my eyes
Fear and pain never really go away
Why she was so dear and precious to me?
Why my heart can only speak your name?
Why my eyes can only see your smile?
Why my soul can’t forget you, even for a while?
I’d give my soul away without doubt or regret
If you could just look me eye to eye
If I could just hold your hand in mine
If I could only kiss you for the first time
But now all is lost, nothing is left for me
Now I have to go, I can feel the cold touch
The touch of death at my back so cruel
Now I lost my blood, that precious fuel
How tragic was my wasted life
It always seemed to kick me in the back
And yet now I go without doubt there
To the halls that lies beyond the dusk
Where we are nothing more but dust
For if our love was never meant to be
Then I curse the God who made it so
But at least, maybe there I will forget you
Maybe there my heart will stop yearning
It will stop craving to feel your warmth
So it ends here this pathetic faked
This painfully and senseless charade
Now that I wane in the flows of time
At last now all was made so clear
And this love no more shall tear
For into oblivions hands I fall
So nothing more is left for me to say
Just one last phrase: I still love you.

By Mannegarm

I was born in Torreon Coahuila, Mexico, this place I call home, others would call hell