I’m sorry for not being there when the time was right
Sorry for not being with you each chance I had
There are so many things I wish I would change
Sorry for playing stupid all those times, just because I was simply afraid of what I was feeling for you
I’m sorry for not kissing you each time we parted
I was so unexperienced and afraid of reality back then
Sorry for pretending I was someone different, for now I realize that if you only knew the real me, you would like me alot more….
Sorry for not calling all those nights when it was my turn
I’m sorry for crying all those nights
I know I shouldn’t have…but it was just so real
Sorry for not letting go
But what I feel is just to strong
I’m so sorry for loving you…
But it’s uncontrollable

By un_luved_angel

well...there isn't much to say about me..I'm just another boring person here...